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Monday ride picton to golburn to oberon and to mittagong

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. It all begins saturday night, i am chatting online to Netriders birthday boy Finn, he asks between drops of his now nearly gone chivas regal if i have anything planned monday, i said nope, he said would i be up for a ride if he came down monday, Of course i replied, but looking on the weather forecasts it looked like our prospects were gloomy , rain heavy rain predicted all day monday.

    However late sunday night i see the forecast is for overcast not rain now, so i send a text saying if you wake up and want to go, text me and we will meet at picton.

    7ish this morning my phone beeps, IT's ON!

    So This morning about 9'ish we both arrive from our seperate directions to picton and decide to head southish towards probably bundanoon, goulburn way.
    Finn fires up the ZZR1100, and i fire up my ZZR1200 and the big kawasakis start heading south, we head out of picton down towards mittagong via the old hume highway, then up behind mittagong and bowral along old south road, both nice flowing roads to warm up our bikes, kick out the sleep cobwebs and get ready.

    After this we head off under grey skies through moss vale, breifly riding past my old work so i can honk my horn and 1 finger salute the office as we pass, we then head into exeter turnning left and out through bundanoon wingello talong , this is a nice scenic ride nothing spectacular in corners but very relaxing and open allowing for a brisk pace and some good travel times.

    After Tallong we travel very breifly along the hume highway till the bungonia turnoff, we turn down this way along jerrara road, it is a nice road with some good corners but becomes a little rough and ragged towards it's end, just as i am thinking i hope this road doesn't deteriorate it finishes and we head up towards goulburn on mountain ash road, now this was a real nice motorcycle road, it isn't tight and twisty like a mac pass , but was still fun, it rises and dips with nice long corners that the big sports tourers just ate up, and before we knew it we were in goulburn around 12'ish for lunch. (unfortunately google refuses to allow me to add that stretch on to maps for no reason)

    During lunch we decide why just turn back and do the same roads again to get home, we both have wanted to try the road to oberon and it is doable in the time we have left to get up there then back down home through katoomba, so bellies full we headed off.

    We left gouburn and headed north on the gouburn taralga oberon road, And bot what fun we had, the road was great, lots of fast flowing corners not too many straight boring bits and we seemed to have it all to ourselves.
    the pace now increased as the road invited us into a flow, i know my big ZZR was loving this stretch it was what it was made for high speed touring with good corners, the road surface was nice, but not 100% there were some patchy areas but it was a very good uphill climb into taralga.

    after a fuel stop in taralga we set off once more for oberon some 100 odd km's further on. The road started much the same as before taralga nice climbs with big long sweepers and left right corners climbing the hills but nothing too tight, we were making great time and i thought we would be in oberon before we knew it.
    But the road had another great suprise, it tightened very suddenly and dropped steeply down like a wider version of mt kembla ifmy memory is right.
    We rode cautiously but happilly down this stretch as it was a little tight and had no centre line markings making the possibility of drivers on the wrong side of the road greater, heading back up out of the valley we had just gone into was a hoot, uphill, nice corners tight and with lean i was having a blast. after the valley it was once again fast paced sweepers with the occasional tighter section as we headed to oberon, a few sections have been nicely resealed here, and there were a few roadworks zones still being done, when its all finished it will be brilliant.

    We arrived at oberon and remember pics so we line the bikes up in front of the giant trout for a few quick snaps, both beaming , it was a road Finn had been wanting to ride ever since he had been hunting out therereguarly as a kid, the sun even sun shone through for a while on the way into oberon warming us up as it was a chilly overcast day.

    We mount up again and head on along to katoomba, we are now getting a little fog and some drizzle but nothing bad,
    The roads are excellent and fun, though with the dampness we treat them with respect, a bit more traffic here, looks like some pretty good views too, but not much could be seen today as it was clouded in and foggy.
    We Reach katoomba and chose to head on down the highway towards home, big big mistake, it is now 3pm, foggy drizzling traffic is increasing, and endless roadworks, each time you pass a end roadworks 80kp/h sign it is just a brief bit of happiness before the next turn with roadworks ahead 40 signs, and 40 is being optimistic, somewhere along this stretch i also lost my sunglasses when i forgot them during a defogging stop at a servo.

    Eventually though the traffic eases the roadworks and rain stop and we are moving, Finn and i split at the mulgoa road intersection as he heads home and i continue the journey along mulgoa road silverdale and the oaks through to picton, then eventually home to mittagong.

    Returned home 6pm'ish beaming tired but happy, 590km's on the trip meter was a excellent ride , good company and man did the bikes love those roads, like they were made for them.

    ** there is a possibility Finn managed to get on google streetview riding past giving the van a double thumbs up, time will tell if it makes the cut.

    I did make a google map but for some reason it wont let me get a link to post, and am too tired to fight it

    So thats my tired rambling story after a great days ride
  2. you bastards. If I knew you were doing that I would have loved to meet at oberon for lunch or arvo tea. Too bad it was so foggy and drizzly and crap out that way.

    Duckmaloi road is so sweet now they've resealed it. Slowed down to what felt like 50 as I was coming into oberon, looked at the speedo and I'm still on 110.
  3. Was a hastilly decided on ride, if i had of known you were off i would have texted to let you know, i only found out it was a goer 7am this morning.

    Was nice into oberon, the rain really only started after oberon as a drizzle fog type and heavier after katoomba, we had a blast on that oberon road. I will definitely do it again as soon as i can
  4. Awesome guys...absolutely awesome. Was going to say - that first pic looked somewhat familiar on first glance..something about that fish...
    One word to describe your ride (referenced to me) : Envious (y)
  5. I was driving home from dubbo.
  6. The 2nd pic looks oddly like my bike is having a ciggie break, mufflers do funny things in pics
  7. Cheers Mate. An excellent write up of an awesome ride.
    Can't wait to do it again.

    Great sweepers and coming out of that valley was so much fun.
    I'm really hoping that the van was Google streetview. That'll be a good google giggle.

    Thanks again dude.
  8. I have done the Oberon Goulburn ride a couple of times,after the first ride there is a very tricky bit of single lane half finished section starting with a tight right hander down a very big hill halfway between these towns,it can catch you out very easily and did even after my warning at the start,resulting in an 848 low siding.Brilliant bit of road but with some sudden surprises.