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Monday Queens Birthday Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by uncle greg, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. oooooh let me think about it

  2. ok Monday it is then, might start a little earlier say 9 for 9.30 depart 7/11 cnr stud and wellington rd roweville haven't decided on the root yet but have something in mind
  3. Notice there have been a few mechanical failures happening lately. Mechanical failures happen and when they do we try not sort them and not leave a rider behind. This isn't always possible because if TEC stays with the rider then the rest of the riders are disadvantaged as the ride falls apart. So the decision on what TEC does is often a judgement call.

    However the main mechanical failures I have seen recently have been due to incorrect or a lack of maintenance.

    Stating the obvious, a poorly maintained bike can lead to an accident that severely hurts of kills you. Even if the worst that happens is that you are stuck by the side of the road, if the problem was your fault and avoidable, you will have unnecessarily held up TEC which in turn holds up the ride.

    So please adopt a regular maintenance schedule and inspect your bike before a ride. And if you don't know, ask.

    It may save your life.
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  4. Sounds like fun
  5. yeah its been happening a bit lately please guys have a good look and do some basic maintenance before this ride, it gets cold pretty quickly once the sun goes down this time of year
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  6. I'm sure you do.......
  7. Awesome! Cya Monday UG
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  8. I miss my riding buddies. I'm down for a ride on Monday.
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  9. I'll be riding up to Bendigo or perhaps further on Monday.
  10. We'll definitely be up for a ride on Monday.
    I don't know if we'll be able to do a 9 am meet though.
  11. roville gembrook launchingplace healsville
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  12. EJ but with a comprehensive brief before and at each stop
  13. you can get there at 9.25 but make sure you have fuel for 150km
  14. there will be several bail points , the second half of this ride is not for the raw learner but is doable if you use a bit of common sense, in saying that I take no responsibility if you do crash, but video footage would be most appreciated
  15. ive decided on EJ because of what happened a while back, this road is safe if ridden with a bit of common sense,
    might help a few of you guys with road craft too, hope @GreyBM@GreyBM
    can make it and any one else to give people advice
  16. Where's EJ UG?
  17. a road that goes between E+J
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  18. If the roads are still damp by then we will do Skyline instead
  19. EJ is an awesome road.. It's not to bad if you take it easy. Just probably worth stopping half way to give some of the new guys a rest. The road is pretty damn twisty for a long time.
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