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Monday night's episode of "Virago Country"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by QNBEE, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Calling out to all the Virago riders out there, tonight at Williamstown there will be designated parking only for Viragos (park within the pink designated lines). Will be a sight to see, all other bikes of course are welcome, we won't discriminate lol but will be good to see so many Viragos parked in one spot! \:D/

  2. wooo Hooo :grin:

    this is going to be a good opportunity to show how popular the wee little Virago is :p

    I can't wait to take some photo's
    I may even give my beast a tub today :p

    see you tonight folks :)
  3. Oh no... not again :p

    So are we going to have more people show up tonight than last week? No Virago's last week, just Across's and a ZZR
  4. I'll be there for sure tonight - sorry I missed last week, had bike service in Box Hill early Tuesday so didnt make it in...but will be there with my shiny sv tonight....

    Last time for me for about 5 weeks as go to UK next Monday whoohoo....
  5. Where is the meeting point? I would love to come and meet with other Virago owners.
  6. We meet at the groove lounge in Williamstown, I think its in Nelson place.
    Have a read of the monday night coffee thread :)
  7. Port80 - Awww not fair, it was only because I work late Mondays & came straight from work, otherwise my arrival is even later by the time I do the change over of wheels.

    V1 & V2 - If no pink chalk on arrival I shall designate our area so our beautys dont mix with the beasts :p
  8. LMAO ... oh man how I wish I was there to see this.

    Pics, pics & more pics :p
  9. We will also be taking applications for nic extensions of the V genré :p

    Caz - V1
    Alli - V2
    Nixon Chic - V3
    Goodcruzn - V4
    Dimitra - V5
    V6 and 7 yet to be allocated step right up folks!

    Spiced Harley -V8

    add your name here and we will organise your nic extension with
    our " fearless leader " Vic,
    maybe he will also grace us with his presence tonight. :)
  10. What a great idea Alli V2!!

    Drats & double drats, I would love to be there, but work committments are in the way ... please let me know when you have the next get together .... My 'Viva' would love to meet the rest of her distant 'family' ... & so would I !! :dance:
  11. Put me down for a number, or at worst as V Reserve :LOL:
  12. Righto...you are lucky number 3 :p

    Caz V1
    Alli V2
    Nixon Chic V3
  13. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking V1?"
    "I think I am, V2"
    "It's coffee time!"
  14. I'll try and be there tonight and meet up with the other Vs. Can I be V4?
  15. One Virago, two Virago's, three Virago's, four :p

    yes..I ripped off the potato song lyrics :rofl:

    ok goodcruzn your lucky # 4 :grin:
  16. Would you like to meet up with V1 & V2 @ macca's in Fawkner, just sth of Mahoneys Rd,and ride to Willy with us?
    We intend to leave from there @ 6 ish. PM your mobile number and I will sms you the exact time once I have heard from V2 :)
  17. Better claim V4 for Dimi! :)

    Looks like there'll be a veritable vast valhalla-ish vanguard of valorously vantaged varicoloured valuable but vertically challenged viragos (and their viceregal vixenish voluptuary owners) at the venerable versatile vivacitous venue tonight!

    May the number reach vociferous vesuvian proprtions, and the vista verily vivify ones visual cortex and dispel the verisimiltude that viragos are not versatile, vivascious, vorascious, velocity inspiring and vivid examples of motorcycling.

    Wow, that verily increased the verbiage and virility of my (verbose) vocabulistic vernacular.


    QUICK!! Someone give me the V starting words in scrabble!!
  18. vvvvvvvaaaaawaat? :?:
  19. And on a Monday morning to. Im impressed. :LOL: Have visons of you sitting @ the keyboard with a dictionary & thesaurus in front of you.