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Monday Night Push Bike Ride (weekly) - Victoria

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GOOSH, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. ok for all of you who have a push bike... its time to get it out and lets go for a ride...
    When: Monday Nights
    Meet: Federation Square (the steps out the front opposite flinders street station)
    Time: get there between 6:30pm - 6:50pm
    ride will depart at 7:00pm sharp...
    Destination: will be decided by ride leader on the night
    Distance: 30kms and above

    all push bikes welcome.. i have a mountain bike and managed to stay with the others who all had road bikes.. don't worry if you are not that fit.. you will be after a couple of weeks or riding..
  2. well the first night has been cycled and we all had fun.. even if we are feeling a little sore now..

    the group rode 37km and some of us did a bit more just to get to the start point.. i ended up doing about 70kms... andy did around 80....

    all bikes are welcome, but i was out of place on my mountain bike and everyone else with road bikes but i managed to stay with the group..now looking at getting a road bike..

    thanks to those that came along...

    will be looking at doing this on a weekly basis.... but this week i will miss out due to me being in tassie..
  3. Bring it on.

    Today I worked out how to use the train to get into the city... lol... I had my treadly with me and got to cycle around the city.

    If we ride to all hours... I'll prolly have to work out how to cycle back to Altona safely from the city...

    Looking forward to joining in one of these nights!
  4. im posting this from my mobile fone, im in fed square, where is everyone? i rode from lilydale on my specialized bmx....did i miss it?:shock:

  5. rob you should be fine for catching the train back.... i caught one of the last trains back to dandy and that was at 12.15am...
  6. took you a day to get there.. sorry bud.. just hand around till next week
  7. Wonder how I can squeeze 2 bikes in the Saab in order to get to the start point.

    Rob, after Tassie and once school has started back I'll look at getting to one of these nights. I can collect you on the way through ;)

    Now I must get my cycling shoes fixed. Bloody cleats pulled out of the sole and the screw seems to be a little short.
  8. Vic, look up a Thule clip/strap on bike carrier - doesn't require a tow bar.
  9. OOOh! What a good idea. I'd love to come but I study on Mon, Tue and Wed.
  10. Sweet!

    Enjoy Tassie mate, and NO superman impressions this time, ok!
  11. Sooooo........what average speed are we talking here?
  12. I'll be in next Mon night.
  13. I wish I had a push bike, i'd join yas.

  14. If it's low 20's I'll bring the MTB. But if you guys are going high 20's I'll bring the roady... or maybe, given that there might be some shenanigans, I'll go with the MTB. LOL... it'll go cross country better! hehehe

    I just put some slicks on the MTB, so that should help.
  15. dont think there will be any cross country riding... the majority of the group or had road bikes so we stayed on the road.... dont know the speed of the ride... will have to figure something out and get the ride leader to keep pace...
  16. I've got a mountain bike with road tires which was the perfect bike for me, until my twin brother rode it and bent the main sprocket, bent the left crank and managed to snap the seat off the seat rails. Maybe I can find some parts in the shed and fix the bike but it will never be the same......or I'll just use my dads old road bike.