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Monday Night Football.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, May 12, 2009.

  1. Yes I liked it.

  2. No I didn't like it.

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  3. Maybe sometimes but not very often.

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  1. Monday night football. Do you like the concept or not?
    Personally I like the footy to be over by Sunday.

  2. I work weekends (inc nights) so monday is the only chance I get to sit and watch a game if/when they do it.
  3. AFL watches most league decisions like judiciary ideas etc and brings them in if they are succesful, so with monday night being a good ratings winner in league, thus upping the value of pay tv sales rights i forsee monday night footy in your future, the only way to avoid it would be if it was awfully unpopular and led to a chorus of anger from a lot of fans from all clubs
  4. One of the issues that was raised against monday night (a school night)football was that it's on too late for the kids who like to watch footy.
  5. As if the AFL actually cares about the audience. They care about the advertising potential, which will govern the value of the broadcasting rights. Not sure how Monday night would work into that, I guess time will tell. We'll know it worked if they do it again.

    Take this weekend - 2 interstate games involving Vic teams on Sunday, and neither of them shown on FTA TV. Thanks f*ckers. It used to be that they showed the interstate games because people couldn't go to them, and showed local games on delay to encourage people to actually go. Not any more.
  6. Not a fan of Monday night football, I think it should stay a weekend sport.
  7. Seems to have worked well in NSW for a while. Not sure if hey still do it but I remember it as a kid when I lived there.
  8. I think you have your leaders and followers mixed up.

    I don't care much for Monday night footy especially if the standard of game is to be repeated.
  9. You can't really predict that though - at the start of the season Saints/Maggies would have looked like a corker.

    Pity Collingwood suck. Yeah, yeah, injuries, wah wah wah. :wink:
  10. I agree. I love the footy in small doses. Having it on the tele 4 out of 7 nights is a bit much.
  11. There are other channels. You don't have to look at it.
  12. Top Gear and two and half men ;)
  13. Agreed...but no other program is on 4 nights a week for 22 weeks a year.