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Monday night crapper not coffee.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, May 9, 2005.

  1. well thinking i shall go out to georgio's for coffee tonight .
    people are raving the eye candy great , food is nice , good turn outs , nice place .
    what a crock of crap!

    I turned up at 1/4 to 6 (17:45) and went in side , i asked one of the staff , is this where a group of riders come down for coffee on a monday night.
    I dont know , they asked 3 or 4 staff and 1 said , yer sometimes a couple drop in but thats about it .
    here i am thinking this was a coffee night simalar to pescare , 10 or more people , super scenery etc from the way people were talking this place up and what did i find.

    Gergio's was the most pretentiuos stuck up , toffeed nose camp bunch of tossers i have every come across (and that was just the staff), let alone the uppity , freelance hippy , stuffed shirts who are trying to keep up with the jones patronage!

    One stupid cow wouldnt sit in the reseraunt because the feng shui of the place was effecting her bio rythams( what a load of pretenious shit)

    so i sat there until 6:15 being stared at by these uppity bastards like i was going to hold the place up , couldnt even get a waiter to serve me , i have to go to the counter , until one of the head ladies see me coming to the counter each time and then we get someone inquire if we need anything .(i am guessing that she had a word to her staff ) and i thought i will give it to 6:30 if no one comes i will go home , jason turned up , and he and i sat and had a coffee until 7pm and no one else turned up .
    so as we were leaving , bikes started and ready to ride off , doonks drops in (he and jason headed off to fasta pasta ) and i headed home .

    what happened to if you orginise the coffee night at least turn up and put in an appearance incase people do turn up ?
    If your not going to be there dont orginise the bloody thing, especially when you change it from a place that at least tried to look after us .
    Pesicare wasnt perfect , but it is a hell of a lot better than that place.

    crap place , crap staff, crap patronage and crap manners from the orginisers.
  2. i went to fasta pasta just for the ride.. only doonks and debbie and i didnt catch the other guys names:D

    and some kids but i dont think they ride bikes... . .. <:

    i thought i was gonna see lots more bikes. oh well riding is fun.. :>!
  3. I told u to go to the coffee night at werribee. Good bunch of blokes (yea , that was a lie :wink: )that turn up every monday . Down to earth people, not this latte sipping crap . They cant be to bad , they liked the coffee i made them , i think.
  4. normally if I go to the Monday coffee night, I will be there around 7:30pm or 8pm. And we normally seat at the outdoor area with gas heaters.

    Tonight my friends asked me out for dinner, so I wasnt there.

  5. Well we had 13 at Fasta Pasta tonight. Cosi, you would have met myself, Craig, Mouth and Doonks (roughcactus had just left) Not long after that, a few more people turned up. It was great meeting a few new netriders and was also good to see jackarau again. There was also a rumour that Stiffler and his Mum were there :shock: :LOL:
    Dinner was yummy and the guys were loving the eye candy of the waitress ;)
    Cyas next week :D
  6. The location wasn't changed, a new place back in the original area was created for the people out in the SE.
    This wasn't 1 persons decision. If it was, I am tipping that that 1 person would be sitting there by themselves every Monday night. As it was, 13 people were there tonight :)
  7. Ohhh........ changed to Fasta Pasta since this week?!

    then.... I think I will be hardly on any Monday coffee from now on.

    Fasta Pasta --- dont think the price worth for their food. I prefer La Prochatta or Sofia, rather than Fasta Pasta.
  8. The Fasta Pasta night was created early April
  9. yeah i saw them just as i was leaving 2 guys and a gal but im still getting use to riding and i put my gloves on before i put my helmet on and then i was like damn but i didnt want to look like an idiot..

    so i tried to put it on with one glove on :D it worked eventually.. see .. you guys didnt suspect a thing! :)

    just a quick question.. with going into neutral.. do u have to roll forward to click it in? sometimes ihave to roll a metre before i can get it.. sucks when ur up a hill :(

  10. what waitress!!!!!!
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Too funny!! Nope, no-one saw anything but now that we know, we will be watching more closely next time ;) :p
    A metre seems a bit extreme, occasionally, I have to roll forward a few inches for it to kick in.....but then again, I always leave my bike in neutral :roll:
  12. The one with 5 cougars!!!
  13. The only reason that anyone knows the story is because I posted it on this very PUBLIC forum. There were no other reasons than what was posted.
  14. it wasnt changed an alternative was made to the one at georgio's

    no mention that it was now dead and buried either, just the post below from deb saying the offical coffee night is at fasta pasta , but people were still going to either .

    That wasnt what jason conveyed tonight, in a nut shell said it was a flop.

    say what you want , I am a big boy !
    if not put it in a PM
    the facts are you orginised a new place and people turned up and they were left in the lurch .
    and the place was crap too.

    considering debs post was last week that seems strange
    not snobbery marty , just plain facts .
  15. the latino one? i didnt get a clear view..
  16. Oh the guys did. You should have waited till she leant over to collect plates and wipe the tables down. Nothing funnier than 6 grown men (plus a 13 year old) all at a table looking like this>>>> =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~
  17. That means you have to turn up next week to have a look right Deb :D :D :D :D :D
  18. Come on boys its only coffee and cougars