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Monday night coffee @ Giorgio's

Discussion in 'VIC' started by VTRBob, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. There will still be some of us going to Giorgio's for coffee etc tonight,

    Those that wish to go to "fasta Pasta" in Mulgrave feel free.
    But those of us that have been there know that both the service and food is ..... well.............. crap

    but its a free country, no one is holding a gun to your heads telling you which one to go too.

    I know off at least 6 of us that will be at giorgio's tonight regardless


  2. Where is giorgio located?
  3. Georgios, 1235 High Street, Armadale Cnr High St and Glenferrie Road
  4. Yup, it's directly across from the Town Hall,
    if coming up High st from Springy, turn right into Glenferrie and then turn onto the HUGE paved area on your left, thats Georgio's forecourt and park with all the other bikes.
    I'll be there from about 6pm onwards

    :) :p
  5. ding , ding , ding , twang ding , twang (duelling banjo's music)
    This triple coffee night , Its like the political correctness version of the hatfields and Mc Coys :LOL: :LOL:
    just get the muskets out and shoot it out :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    while maaa and me and the rest sit back and watch from the porch
  6. Did this happen? :) Got there just after 9pm and no-one was there. Latte sipping yuppies obviously have early bed times :)
  7. The only real Monday coffee night is now in Werribee, Cafe Aroma... (maybe not next week though due to the public holiday)
  8. We had quite a few for the debut at Fasta Pasta tonight :) then Mouth, Firefling and myself decided to head over to Georgios to check it out and no-one was there.
  9. So when are we going to see the Road Trip - those of us out West are awaiting the day that 20 or so of you lot show up one Monday night. The food at Cafe Aroma is damn good too.
  10. Well after some damn fine dinning / coffee and hot chocolate.
    And seeing Doonks off on his way home, we all headed home around 8.45ish
    If someone had msg'd to say you where all coming over for a deicent coffee im sure we would of stayed longer.
  11. Funnily enough, we actually siggested that at one point but it would have been too late by the time we got there ;)
  12. We'll set it up for one night. Be a good laugh.
  13. All,

    Giorgios won't be on tonight, as they're not open!

    I have tried calling them a few times and no answer....

    Anywhere else you want to try??

  14. lm keen for a coffee if it isnt to far
  15. Well it seems like most people are away, so I think coffee tonight for the Giorgeos crew is off.

    I have spoken to Fipper and she won't be going to Fasta Pasta either.... Bob is pissed, has been drinking since the wee hours of this morning.

    A lot of people have been away... a nice quiet coffee at home for tonight... :)

    If anyone changes their mind... call me on the Mobile 0403 049 749.

  16. How about a coffee night tonight near Doncaster!?!? I still can't ride too far away :p
    Been on Doncaster Road last night!
  17. Where is coffee night on a monday?????
    I wanted to come along and give a donation for Col, but you keep changing the location!!!! Soon I might find myself having to host the coffee night at my house! Blimey, stick to one place, please.