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Monday MOTO-vators

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by chicken78, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. So its the beginning of the new week (eeerk) and some of us have been left feeling somewhat depressed after the balmy weekend; so here is my attempt at injecting some enthusiasm and positive reinforcement to help start the week,

    Ps - be paitient this is an ongoing thing im compilating..

    We begin with one of these;

    And we do that thing called work to get this;

    So that by the end of the week its;
    call waiting.

  2. We do this for several reasons;


    mystery. [/ATTACH]
  3. We set our heights, our own limits
    aim high.


  4. Some will enjoy the serenity
    [/ATTACH] serenity.

    Some see it as a religion

    Some have a differant outlook
  5. Those who live it, know what it means,

    greatest sport ever.

    Something that cannont be found on 4 wheels

    So whether you defying the laws of physics
  6. Some great ones in their Chicken !! Love the one about "rather be on the bike thinking about God...." hahaha
  7. hahaha the motorcycle bowling one is an epic shot!
  8. Or hanging with your mates or racing around the track

    Practicing around cones on a saturday morning

  9. i was in church on sunday thinking abotu bein on th ebike lol
  10. Or just dodging the boys in blue
    vic police.

    Becasue you are just having fun ;) and yes chicks DO they think they are cool wheelies.

    Before you know the weekend will soon be here so we can get out there and do it all over again...
  11. they were awesome
  12. Lol Awsome jimmy, thanks, :D
  13. Greatest way to get rid of a severe case of the Mondays! Kudos to you sir!
  14. I know it's Tuesday....I wanted to add this on Monday, but only had my iPhone.

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  15. OK, got the right day this week...

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  16. A few more...

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  17. Last ones...

    Attached Files:

  18. Current forecast for the weekend may help too...

    Saturday 17 September
    Summary Min 12 Max 25 Sunny.

    Sunday 18 September
    Summary Min 13 Max 26 Sunny.

    Hope it sticks!
  19. In the Adventure pic, that seriously looks like Melbourne Mick. :D

    Today being Monday - it's certainly helping.