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Monday Geelong Queens Birthday celebratory special

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nearlyempty, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Looks like Monday could be a goer for those that are interested.

    Geelong - back roads to GOR (Lorne or Apollo Bay for lunch)???

    Not knowing the roads that well, could do with someone with local knowledge to show the way.
  2. Monday sounds pretty good. Roarin and I may well be up for this one.... We know the back roads pretty well, Roarin knows them ALOT better.
  3. Would like to join up with you guys but i really shouldn't push my luck with the condition my back tyre is in . Its just asking for an off.
  4. I should visit down that way again it seems
  5. DETAILS!!!!! RIDIES!!!! WEEEEE.... :D :D :D :D :D
  6. Won't the GOR on a holiday Monday be gridlock?
  7. Would do the GOR in the morning and come the back way through Deans Marsh on the way back....

    But, you have a very valid point, it will be rather congested.
  8. Is everybody still up for this?
    If so, where/ what time should we meet up (Geelong area I suppose, anytime after 9)?
  9. You name the place & time & I will see you there. If you are interested I can take you on a 450 odd km blast of all the back roads in the area -includes the best parts of the GOR but covers roads that are in my opinion just as good, less frequented & not 80km/hr speed limited.
  10. How does 9 sound?

    As for where, I don't really know the area too well. I'll be coming from Melbourne, so anywhere suitable really (junction with B100 off the M1?).

    450km should be ok, but we can always alter to suit (aches & pains, tired riders etc.), certainly want to see some of those back roads.

    I'll be riding a Grey R1100S.
  11. im in. :)

    it was pretty quiet in anglesea today, might be the same tomorrow i hope :)
  12. How about the first BP servo on the left as you come into Geelong. Right beside the Shell Refinery turnoff. There are better ways of getting to the GOR than through Torquay. Bladewar & Skuffy sound like definates as well. Will see them tonight & find out for sure. Look for the black & grey VFR400R.
  13. Sounds good. See you there.
  14. Would be up for sure...but somepeople have to work damit. The one of a very very few netrider rides down Geelong GOR and I cant go :-(
  15. So is there a defined place and time to meet up for this ride or is it still all up in the air?
    How many people from Melbourne are planning to come as I was thinking the servo at the start of the West Gate Bridge would be a good meet point
  16. Meeting point in Geelong is the first BP servo on the left as you come into Geelong. Right beside the Shell Refinery turnoff.

    I'm coming from Southbank & will be at the Westgate servo from 0815-0830, if anyone wants some company riding down to Geelong.
  17. Thanks Roarin & Skuffy.
    Some awesome roads, definitely need to pay some more attention to the roads through the Otways.

    If you like sweepers, this is the place for you.

    I WILL be back :)
  18. Yes, I have to agreee there, was definately fun. Hey Skuffy, Phanoogy & Bladewar -you missed out bad by not coming back along the GOR. The road was perfectly dry & all the traffic had swept it nice & clean. WICKED FUN (& not an officer to be seen) If you like a mix of tight twisties & balls out sweepers then the "loop" is definately the way to go hehehehe :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Almost forgot -Nearlyempty -did you see the officer hiding in the trees up the side road round the long sweeper behind the resivour? Must of been in a good mood.
  20. No, where was that?