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monday drivers worse than other days ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rainman, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. went home for lunch today, and everyone is driving like a freaking psycho.. I had to pull up turning right at round-abouts because people were coming in too hot and on the skids when they saw me.. taking off from a set of lights and the car next to me runs up the ass of the one in front because it stalled..

    holy shit I was happy to get back to work (thats saying something)
  2. scary drivers around all the time and every day!! :(
  3. I don't know wether is Mondays specifically, but I have noticed people are a bit more antsy on the drive home than the drive to work on any given day...I guess this equates to it being their time as opposed to their employers?
  4. i know i'm much happier in peak traffic rather than 'soccer mum' 'footy dad' 'school time' any time on the weekends etc etc ..very unpredictable.
  5. people up here are generally pretty good.. dont know what is going on today.. just one of those days I guess.
  6. i'd say people are just generally bad... just sometimes you notice it more then others :)
  7. I was lucky by about ten seconds today on the black spur..

    truck driver having a bad day lost control and hit the bank on the opposite side of the road, if i hadn't slowed down two corners earlier i would very likely have helped his braking system..
    His truck had just stopped as i came around the corner to find him across my lane..