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Monday 23rd August, Queensbridge St/City Rd Intersection

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by revz, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Well I was going home from uni at around 9pm... stopping on the left lane at Queens Bridge street/ City road intersection at the lights while waiting to make a left turn onto City road, with left indicator on. A guy in a white Hyundai stopped behind me and after a few seconds I heard a horn from him. Thought the lights may have turned green but nope, double checked the lights and they were still red. So I thought may have been a horn by accident. 2 or 3 seconds later, the white Hyundai then changed to the lane on my right, which was suppose to be for turning right only while the lights just turned green. So then I tried to make my left turn, while making my turn I noticed the white Hyundai making a left turn as well on my right and coming into my lane (the left lane) while making the turn, squashing me to the left basically. So I quickly backed off the throttle and went to the left side of my lane. The guy just went on into my lane and acted as though nothing happened.... I was next to him in the next intersection... really wanted to throw a finger at him but won't be much use anyways...

  2. If you take the left at Power St, one set of lights earlier, you'll get a left turn arrow onto City Rd just by the BMW dealership. Sit in the middle of the lane so that nobody can squeeze next to you, and leave them in the dust when the arrow lights up.

    Not much you can do about some of the terrible drivers in the CBD, except keep your eyes open and keep out of their way.
  3. Had to get into the car park entrance which is on power street on the side of the road where traffic is going towards crown casino. Could make a U-turn at Power St and City Rd intersection but didn't really feel like it today so I took a short detour and went with the route I mentioned. Also I was sitting right in the middle of the left lane and the white Hyundai was in the right lane (which was for right turning only) when the incident happened.
  4. lesson in this is, Be paranoid! Because there are plenty of f.uckwits on the road.

    Good idea letting them go, A moron in front of you, is a moron you can see.
  5. You did good kept to riding yr bike to keep yourself out of harms way. And yes. An idiot is an idiot and no amount of yelling or gesticulating from you is suddenly going to fill their head with a brain. :) but feel free to yell your guts out at them once you're safe. Should you feel inclined to do so another time. :)
  6. Absolutely correct! Good advice!