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Monday 16Aug, 6:45am, Stud & Wellington Rd's

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by nobby, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Was this you?

    You almost did everything right, you rode up Stud Rd in the wet, kept good distance from the car in front, indicated and moved into the left lane to turn left onto Wellington Rd, took up position to the right of a car that was already stopped to turn left and waited for a gap in the traffic.

    When the gap was there, you took it, and turned right into the left lane (in front of the car that had been waiting to go and had started to go) causing him/her to brake heavy. The second car in line also rolled forward when the car in front took off, unfortunately his/her reflex's weren't as fast as the car in front and he shunted it, causing minor damage.

    If you had taken off and moved across to the middle or far right lane, all this would have been avoided .. and another driver would not have joined the list of those who think we are all inconsiderate tossers.

    Worse still, if the car you inadvertanly cut off hadn't braked it may have been you posting or worse, it could have been one of your friends giving us all even dire news.
  2. An elephant could have been infront of that car and it still would not have been an excuse for the rear-ender.

    There is no excuse whatsoever for that accident, it was NOT the motorcyclist's fault.
  3. meh it wasn't me, i was still in bed :D
  4. were u in a car or on a bike? (just a question)
  5. Not directly... definitely indirectly though. How is the bike cutting off the car and causing an accident any different to the other thread with cops jumping out and potentially causing an accident? If a cop jumps out and causes someone to brake suddenly and someone runs into them you'd be ranting in the other thread about how stupid cops are but when a bike does it it's apparently ok. The innocent victim is the car that got hit through the actions of the motorcyclist.
  6. i'm confused... diagram?
  7. there are no innocent cars.
    **** the car.
  8. The car was in the correct turning lane, the bike took the sneak up on the right option, (I often do it myself) when the bike took off it should have taken an outside lane leaving the car to turn into the far left lane, by taking the drivers lane, the rider effectively cut him off.

    I ride that road daily, the last thing I need the next time I try sneaking up on the outside is some driver shutting me out because another rider cost him money.
  9. I was behind the rider up to Wellington road, he/she went to turn left, I rolled up to the red light and was stationary, checking out the other bike.. so I watched it unfold..

    yeah I was on the bike
  10. There is never an excuse for rear ending someone ...

    I mean bloody hell he couldn't have been going too quick and the break lights would have been in his ****ing face.

    Like I said, an elephant could have appeared and stopped the driver in front, it is no excuse for this guy to rear end him. The only person at fault was the monkey behind the wheel in the 2nd car.

    And I filter all the time, and take off from between cars every time I do it because I refuse to roll over the stop line - I've never caused the cars to come to a halt behind me when I pick my lane.
  11. taking off from lights is not cutting someone off. Yes, the rider pretty much cause the accident. If the rider did not perform those series of events the accident would not have happened. It was the events initiated by the rider that resulted in an accident.
  12. seriously, who cares what cars do to each other once you're past and gone.
    if they run into each other, then that's a good thing.
    **** cars, **** them all, they should all be crushed and burned.
    i saw a rider killed by a barina bimbo at that intersection once.
    i used to transverse that intersection twice daily peak traffic for work commute...two lanes merge into five and then back into two again as the drunks from the Stamford hotel who've been playing the pokies all day compete with the peak hour road ragers for a place.
    seen many accidents there and it's every man for himself...if that's what the bike had to do to GTF outa there, then good for him... if cars smashed into each other after the fact, then also good.
  13. That intersection is rated as one of the highest accident spots in the east.
    Worth additional caution.

  14. Are you bloody serious???

    Do you think riding a motorbike makes you some sort of elitist??

    My wife, nor my brothers or sisters ride, I sincerely hope none of them ever have to share the road with you ..
  15. You may not but the rider I write about DID. he/she pulled up next to the drivers window, (not a lane just a wider part of the road, we all do it) the mistake made was when he/she turned in front of the car and CUT HIM OFF..

    Get over it! in this instance the rider was WRONG
  16. I can see what you are saying Nobby, the rider should have got in front of the first car if he wanted to turn out onto Wellington Road and be in the left lane.

    By turning left from the right hand side of the car, he would have cut straight across the first car, and gave that driver every reason to curse the bike after being rear ended.

    But the second car was definitely in the wrong, no matter what the circumstance, you rear end someone then it is your fault! If a car/bike/truck/whatever in front of you starts to go but then stops, you stop too! If you don't stop, you're at fault in the eyes of the law and your insurance etc.
  17. if someone cut me off and i broke hard to avoid him and got hit up the arse, im not worried about the guy who cut me off anymore, its the guy who hit me im interested in. and i ride into work everyday with cars and u have to expect them to do some crazy stupid shit, if both cars antisipated the unexpected, there might not have been a crash at all, just a whole lot of horn

  18. and if someone cut you off and you didn't brake in time, what then?

    using your analogy the rear ender is the fault of the rear car, so if you were the front car and your reactions were slow you would have hit the bike, (techniqually coming from your right) would that make you the one in the wrong?

    It was a road observation of what I still believe was a bad move on the riders part, a move that could have got him or her hurt.
  19. yep the rear ender is in the fault, the bike rider did make a bad move but try telling an insurance comparny "my reflexes werent as good as his and i ran up his arse". if a kid runs out on the road and i dont see him, but the car in front does and i smash up his arse, who is at fault? with ur analogy the kid is at fault, but the kid can go home and im stuck giving my details to the driver ive just hit.
  20. ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)
    EXACTLY .. except your focus is on the rear ender..

    I am trying to highlight an incident that could have ended in serious injury to the rider ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,) ](*,)