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Monash University Accident Research Centre are doing a survey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MotorCat, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Saw this (below) in the Oct issue of the RACV magazine, and thought it may be of interest. (Hopefully I've posted in the right thread). And no, I don't have any sort of affiliation with MUARC, nor do I have any idea if it's a worthwhile and well-constructed survey or not. Don't shoot the messenger, my intentions are benign :)


    Calling all motorcyclists

    Do you hold a motorcycle learner permit or licence? And have you ridden on-road in Australia in the past five years?

    If so, Monash University Accident Research Centre would like to find out more about your riding patterns and experiences.

    You can fill in the questionnaire at xxxxxx (removed). If you would prefer a paper copy of the questionnaire, call Sara on xxxxxxxx or email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. its been around for a couple of months, and some of the questions are disconcerting.
  3. Tell em to get ****ed.
  4. I saw this in the current Royal Auto mag too. The blurb should have read:

    "Attention all motorcyclists: MUARC and it's best buddy and benefactor the Bumby Guvmint would like you as a collective to shoot yourselves in the feet by providing evidence on exactly how often you exceed the speed limit and perform manoeuvres that certain people known as 'wowsers' would label as 'stunts'. Your opinion is important to us as we can use it against you in order to enact legislation and programs with the objective of making your lives as constrictive and miserable as ours."

    In other words, I'm with Seany. :p
  5. +1,000,000,000,000 and more

    tell the fcukers where to get orf.
    Useless waste of space MUARC bastards
    so anti motorcycling, and the survey shows it with its loaded questions and preconceived outcomes.

    What the fcuktards at MUARC want to do to motorcycling....:censored:
  6. actually, I didn't think the questions were unreasonable. The only issue I have is that there is no place to explain some of the answers. For instance, locking up the rear wheel under heavy braking is hardly unusual. It happens occasionally just because of the dynamics of the bike, but there is no way in the questionnaire to explain this and to differentiate between this and the 'oh shit' moments
  7. Just don't do it, they'll twist the answers to their own purposes (e.g. new speed cameras!)
  8. That's called a "skid".

    If you remember back to your BMX days it was definitely classed as a "rad stunt", utilised primarily to impress "dudes".

    And that's hoon behaviour, now.
  9. So why don't we all bias the bias of the study and do ourselves some good? ;)
  10. Then instead of being painted as hoons, we get painted as lying hoons. Somehow I doubt something as trivial as "data" will get in the way of their conclusion.
  11. Just goes to show that statistics can be interpreted to mean anything, thus they are worthless in the wrong hands.
    Last time riders did this survey the farking carnts decided that speed cameras were the answer.
    Fark em off do NOT help these moneygrubbing carntholes advise the gobberment anything.
  13. I'm in two minds as to whether to post this, so Smee or other Mods, if you think it inappropriate then take action. Since it has come up again, maybe I should though.

    For those curious about why we say do not respond, and what could possibly be in the questions that is so bad, I have uploaded a PDF version of the survey here. I also asked Christine Mulvihill, the survey coordinator, some questions about the survey, which are included with her answer here. [EDIT: It seems those links just take you to the page where the files are stored. You will need to download the files to read them. I expected a direct link to be, well, a direct link!]

    The objectionable questions are on the last few pages, starting at about Q86. You have to read many of the questions carefully, and think about how the information will be used to understand why they are objectionable. I don't plan to engage in a debate of them though. Also, some questions just do not have appropriate answers as options, and there is too little opportunity for written feedback.

    PS: Guys! Attachments can only be 19.5KB?! I had to use skydrive . . . since Bigpond unilaterally closed my little 10MB web page. :roll: Someone tell me if the links don't work for anyone but me.
  14. Roderick I have no issue you posting anything you have the right to do so.
    It's the odious outcome thay came up with namely that speed cameras were a safety initiative rather than anything constructive.
    ANY assistance these fcucktards receive from us is and will be used against us because they need the funding they receive from the government to continue their "research"
    Any credibility or respect they may have had has been put into the negative. They should fold and close up shop if all they can ever come up with as a recommendation is fcucking speed cameras.
    Don't even communicate with this scum they only deserve our disgust and scorn.
  15. ^ What he said!

    + If you read the survey, you can see it's clearly loaded towards us being the one's causing all the problems.

    One section creatively contains about 30 'how often and in what ways have you f***ed up?' questions. The balanced response to this is a single question asking 'how often do you blame the cars blah blah something?'.

    F***ing tards.
  16. I can't disagree with any of that. By posting the survey in PDF form I was hoping to stop people from even selecting the link to the survey and scoring hits against it, let alone actually respond to it.
  17. Smee has hit the nail on the head. There is nothing to gain as motorcyclists by completing this form.

    Holy fark.... Question 90: 'I would like to be a professional racer'. Jesus. It's a joke. Ask all of these questions to a boy racer in a Skyline FFS.
  18. Q90 is a good example of what is wrong with the survey, considering that the stated objective is to understand why over 25 and older riders are having more accidents. Can you imagine some 45 year old deciding to become a professional racer?! :rolleyes:

    The word "race" is used far too much for the survey to have any credibility. Indeed MUARC has massively negative credibility with me as well.
  19. Thanks for those links Rod. It really does give me the shits to know that after the government scabs the "Safety" tax along with our TAC premiums, the money is then wasted by the VMAC to pay Monash for this crap they call a survey. Surely the VMAC would have the sense to choose the best rather than the cheapest but I guess if Brumby and Pallas want their mates to do it then there is no room for discussion.:furious:
  20. I'll buck the trend... you know the questions and the intended outcomes.... go forth and complete the survey discerningly ;)