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Monash Uni Accident Research Centre running research on us

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside to know they're thinking of us. :p

    From the Monash Uni jobs webpage.

    The Monash University Accident Research Centre is conducting research to reduce the high number of motorcycle casualty crashes at intersections. These crashes typically occur when a right turning driver fails to give way to an oncoming motorcyclist who is proceeding straight ahead through the intersection.
    If you would like to take part, we will ask you to:
    • Answer a small number of questions about your demographics and your driving history.
    • View a series of about 300 traffic scenarios which mostly show a car intending to make a right hand turn at an intersection across the path of an oncoming motorcyclist.
    • Imagine that you are the driver of the car in each scenario and indicate whether you think it is safe to turn or to give way to the motorcyclist before making your turn.

  2. Tell them you're a taxi driver and try to hit the bike every-time.

    Gotta make sure this study is accurate...
  3. Chris, you are unalterably mad :LOL: :p
  4. Oh I forgot!

    Make sure to tell them you're a taxi driver AND then spell your name wrong on the form!
  5. how can you spell mohammed or sanjay wrongly?
  6. It is possible...

    If it is Allah's will.
  7. Re: Monash Uni Accident Research Centre running research on

    Netrider has supplied them with heaps of riders fop their research :)
  8. me me me! im in. that happened to me.

    why is it so hard for people to understand that the driver turning right hits the bike because they took a risk on his/her life?

    yes, there are nasty people out there but whenever they stand before the judge they are immediately promoted to 'unlucky'.


    uni ay? why can they land on d moon but cant they make my feet smell good? [homer]

    i had to say homer simpson said it to avoid you guys saying 'because one of em's dead jax!'
  9. Re: Monash Uni Accident Research Centre running research on

    I might be interested in this (as a current employee of Monash also). I couldn't find anything on the Monash jobs pages though. Do you have the exact URL?
  10. Re: Monash Uni Accident Research Centre running research on

    Yep, i did the last one :)

    At least some one is trying to reduce the bike road toll by developing better training, pitty the Govt dosent spend 10 times as much
  11. Ah yes, the Monash group that reckons WRB's are the duck's guts. :)

    As far as I can tell, their attitude is that bikes are dangerous, therefore any crash is the fault of those who choose to ride them. Charge another 50 bucks and they'll stop falling over. What result would you like us to find next Steve?
  12. Not the experiance i had, they were testing to try develop a simulator that would be 'real world' . YEARS away in reality unfortunatly :?
  13. A simulator for what? Riders or drivers? Did they want to know if riders can predict cars failing to give way at intersections or were they testing drivers ability to see us? :)
  14. A riding simulator. The last bit of research that they did was a hazard perception test where the gear was set up to see what you looked at whilst riding and how often you scanned the road by tracking your eyeballs.
  15. That sounds cool. It would likely produce some surprising results for us.
  16. Yup told me that I almost blew the machine up with the amount of area that I was scanning. Reckoned that all the younger riders that were tested before me all had "tunnel vision"
  17. I had a similar response from them about my scanning, too, Vic. Seany, its actually really interesting and proactive to be involved in research that involves motorcycling. You sound very negative in your posts regarding the work/studies they have done so far....maybe put your hand up for this research and see what you think :wink: