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VIC Monash speed camera back on!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, Dec 4, 2015.

    • THURSDAY, 03 DECEMBER 2015 15:58
    A fixed road safety camera located on the Monash Freeway near the High Street Bridge in Glen Iris will be reactivated soon.

    The camera was deactivated in January 2015 to allow VicRoads to upgrade the road.

    Variable message signs will be in place from today, warning drivers that they will be enforcing soon.

    The cameras will begin enforcement during the week beginning 14 December and the messaging will change to “cameras now enforcing.”

    The variable messaging signs will stay in place for a fortnight after the activation of the cameras.

    Ben Radisich

    Senior Media Officer

    Monash Freeway fixed cameras to be enforcing soon - Victoria Police News

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  2. Do these pick up motorcycles? Incoming at least all the cameras are facing the front of the vehicle (outgoing one set faces the rear).
  3. Is that right mate ? I could be wrong but I thought they have rear facing cams inbound also at high st ?
  4. They have 2 rows from memory. 1 forward facing, 1 rearward
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  5. Outbound, yeah, 1 row facing front of car, 1 row facing rear. Inbound they're all facing the front. If they're the same camera's I'm thinking of anyway.
    Street view seems to confirm they're both facing forward inbound: Google Maps

    I didn't know they were switched off, but knowing they were only facing the front of the vehicle inbound I've been pretty care free on the way in, but paying attention on the way out.
  6. Are these the ones just near the speed change to/from 100?
  7. Im so sick of Melbourne Freeways. All three lanes doing no more than 103km/h! Means more time in blind spots and more congestion since everyone forms a rolling gridlock!

    I drove on the London ring road last month, and cars overtake at around 130km/h and pull over to cruise at 100km/h when done. Flows much better.
  8. Yeah. The outbound 80 -> 100 for sure anyway. The other side did not have any signage saying the cameras were going back on (were they ever off?), although both sets are front facing so may not ping us anyway.
  9. They don't call us The Nany State for nothing