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Monash Nitwit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. So there I am cruisng along in the outside lane city bound at around 105k's. Cars ahead of me - maybe 40yds.

    Van closes in on my rear end as he catches up to me slowly, and sit's there about 20ft away. (Moron).

    After about a K, he decides he's going to pass up the inside lane, and moves in underneath me, but instead of passing he just sits there alongside me. (I'm not comfy with that, so I drop back just a little into free space.

    Nitwit that is still in the inside lane, is closing up on a slower car, and I can just tell, that he's going to move over into my lane and squeeze me out, so I ease back expectantly....but mmmf...nothing happens. He stays there.

    Now my lane is picking up speed a little bit, and we are starting to go past the truck with nitwit cruising along behind it...by now I am closing up on his rear 1/4 panel and going past him the outside lane..."NOT!"...

    Nitwit!, just moves over, like I am invisible, even though he just passed me, and I have been sitting in his mirrors for about a kilometer.
    With some quick counter-steering, I swerve into the inside emergency lane, with my handle bars missing his van by just a few inches, back off, and then get back into the outside lane again behind nitwit.

    I look into his mirror, expecting him to be looking back at me, but Oh no...he did'nt have clue what just happened...

    I blew passed him up the inside and got right away from that whole gaggle of cars and settled back into the rest of my commute.

    Another case of the invisible motorcyclist - perhaps I should start wearing a "cape"...call myself..."Stealth Rider" or something..eurgh!
    Heck!...maybe I could put out a DVD... :shock:
  2. I don't remember doing that! :cry:
  3. Not having a go or anything like that BUT why didn't you just do this in the first place since you saw this happening a couple of k's earlier?
  4. Good question, Pnut...
    I was riding home early from work full of the flu, and really was'nt feeling too good...My mind was'nt sharp enough....and had i lulled into the daily drone of the commute, I guess.
    I was'nt ready for the unexpected..
  5. jgm
    maybe i could get a cape and be your trusty side kick :LOL:
    glad u r ok
    another case of invisible biker

    ps i buy the dvd :)
  6. :LOL: :LOL: Bewdie Dennis...we can call ourselves "The Invisibles"
  7. john
    good to see your sence of humor is well intact
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    "the invisible" hmmm what color cape you think red cos it will make us go faster
  8. Does it matter what color, you are invisible after all...
  9. What a Great story.

    You deserve a medal for showing so much patience. Well done for teaching us all a very valuable lesson.

    As I always tell "non-riders" - the cage drivers are:

    A. Sitting inside still/stale - possibly toxic air - that puts them in a state of un-consciousness.

    B. They have so many blind spots that cause them to experience trouble seeing what is outside their cage.

    C. They most likely have their minds elsewhere.

    D. On top of all the above - they aren't looking for us - sometimes they aren't even looking for other cars.

    They feel so safe inside their cage - the result is that the cage like design of their cars is what leads to accidents/collisions etc.

    Like I always say - A Good Rider knows how to read the road and pre-empt/predict cage driver behaviour...... :) :)

    A Good Rider knows how to stay out of trouble - which is just what was done here :applause:
  10. Well it obviously has to be stealth orange doesnt it?

  11. Heck yeah!...it idoes. :grin:
    We might be invisible but that's no reason not to look classy. :p
  12. so if there there was enough room for the van in the lane to your left why wernt you in it?

    the law is keep left unless overtaking, not just sit in any lane you feel like, glad you made it out ok but if you had been following the road rules this wouldnt have even been an issue
  13. *Thanks for the tip on the road rules though. I'll try to remember that in the future...cheesus!
  14. He probably works for the Monash Uni Acccident unit :LOL:
  15. hold on, if you were overtaking traffic in the lane left of you how did the van manage to get up to your left side, there cant of been room
  16. There was a gap bewtween the cars in the lane to the left of me...The van moved over into that gap, and got up beside me...I then dropped back a little to keep a bit of seperation from him. My lane then started moving faster again, and we were all tooling past the cars on the inside lane...then just as I got up next to the van (moving passed him), he decided he wanted to be in the outside lane, and moved over on me.
  17. I just don't trust ANYONE on the road.

    It keeps me alive and stuff.