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Monash Fwy Sandwich

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mstamos, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Riding along the Monash Freeway in the left lane yesterday afternoon, wind blowing a gale, truck on my right, tailgater behind me, cars everywhere. Passing the onramp of Jacksons Rd, taxi coming on followed about two car lengths by white station-wagon ford. Experience told me not to accelerate and let the taxi merge in front as he was coming on at great knots and I couldn’t see him slowing down at all. Station-wagon accelerated as well merging into my left almost pinning me between himself and the truck on my right. All this at 100km/hr. I looked to see cager with a smirk on his face. I decelerated slowly, ignoring the fact that if I extended my right hand I would touch the truck and if I extended my left I would touch station-wagon side window. Cager behind me luckily reduced speed to allow me to fall back. Chased cager up the Springvale off-ramp and when he stopped at the lights, go off my bike and explained to him that I could have died with the stupid thing he did. He looked at me without saying anything.

    I was so shaken, I went home (even though I had to go to another meeting at my work’s Heatherton Office) and polished the bike – therapy. This morning, I called the cops and even though I tried to memorise the number plate of cager, it left my mind. Cops told me that if stupid behaviours happen, to get the number plate and to place a report with them. Don’t know what the outcome would be but I will make sure such thing never happens again. I was thinking how I could have avoided that situation and it seems next time I will just slow down and allow cagers to all get in front of me or alternatively, stick to the middle lanes and fu—k cagers if they want to pass me, they can just go around me.

    Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should have done or what I need to do in the future to avoid such a situation, please let me know as this event really shook me up and I came so very close to getting hurt.
  2. My way of avoiding this situation is to stay in the right hand lane.
    The left hand lane is the most dangerous place on a freeway.
  3. Ok - but don't cagers get upset if they have to pass you? = Like I want to stay on the speed limit but the pressure is high to exceed that in the right hand lane
  4. i hope you arent holding up any traffic in the right lane then, people traveling slower in the right lane is my number 1 hate. Im normally overtaking in the right lane but if i see people coming up behind me i either speed up or move over straight away.
  5. I agree!! It's OK if no-one is behind you but the rule is "keep left unless overtaking".
  6. yeah dude, stay on the outside lane... then you only have to put up with idiots from the left.
  7. When you saw what was unfolding, you should have merged into the RH lane ahead of time.
    Sitting there in the LH Lane, you made yourself vulnerable as was proven by the outcome..

    Don't be afraid to exceed the speed limit temporarliy if it means it will be safer for you.
  8. I couldn't as there was traffic all along the lane to the right of me, cager just ahead of the truck and cager on my tail
  9. just after reading what u wrote im pissed
    i know if that ever happen to me and i was was cruising and not doing anything stupid ill be fuming
    i would of kicked his door in.... but thats just me
    i dont condone what i would do but if my life was at risk because some a$$hole was being a cock then yeah ill do that ....maybe knock some sense into him as well if he stepped out

    please note i wouldnt do this normally but life - death situation because of stupidity..... dosnt mix well with me :evil:
  10. If someone comes up behind me and ther is a safe place to merge left i will do so, If they come up and tailgate me the only thing that stops me from slowing down is that on the bike they can mow right over me.
    When it comes to my safety or there desire to go really fast... F#$k EM!
    Now I am not saying o go slow. I always achieve or sometimes exceed the posted limit when to the right hand lane.
    I find that swivleing around in the saddle and looking them right in the eyes has a good effect when getting tailgaters to back off.
  11. Troy i only have one issue with your solution.
    It is likely to increase teh risk to you (Especially when you are between the car and truck)
    Though him missing a mirror after you pulled up at the lights would be entirely understandable.
  12. If it looks like you will get boxed in, and know you are approaching an on-ramp, then you need to make sure you are in the right hand lane well ahead of time...then after you are passed, move back into the LH Lane again.
    Either that, or be fully prepared and confiedent to travel in the RH Lane with whatever the traffic speed is.
  13. sorry was ment to add when stopped at the lights and not while riding on fwy :oops: .... was a tad angry when writing
  14. I see so we are on the same wave length [​IMG]
  15. Good advice.
    That said, even this has almost resulted in me being taken out when the driver decided to merge straight into the right lane.
  16. This is why i say stay over to the right, it gives you more time to deal with the morons as tehy come on, and they wont be crossing your path at speed. (Just merging into it)
  17. As soon as I read "taxi" I knew this wasn't a happy story.
  18. Similar happened to me the otherday on the freeway. Followed the assho*le back to his place, took a few pics of his car and address with my camera phone! :grin:
    He yelled at me from a distance and I said. "expect a visit mate".
    He suddenly got a bit of a white streak on his face and I rode off! :LOL:

    Hope it get his wits about him now!
  19. Mrstamos - I'm afraid, though you were in the right, you let this situation develop.

    Good highway roadcraft, as far as is possible, is about maintaining survival space around you, maintaining a mental radar map of the cages around you and predicting what those cagers are going to do.

    If you get boxed in unawares, give yourself a mental kick in the head, learn a lesson, then take all actions to rectify the situation.

    IMO, riding next to a truck is NEVER a good idea.
  20. thats a great way of doing it....thumbs up to you :grin: