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Monash Frwy Police BLITZ

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I was told today that the Police will be running a month long (July) blitz on the Monash freeway.
    They will be targeting speeding and tailgaiting especially. Of course, anything else that happens right in front of them as well I presume.
    Bound to be unmarked cars in the mix.

    I cannot confirm any of it, but passing it along just in case it's true.(?)
    Better to be on the safe side.

  2. Thanks John, will keep an eye out
  3. Tailgaiting blitz?

    Might as well get drivers to swipe their cards the minute they start driving on that fwy.
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  5. Saw nothing of that in the 2 or so hours I spent on the monash yesterday. Doesnt mean it is not true tho :)
  6. channel seven is covering it this evening in their 6pm news.
  7. I dont travel the monash during peak times, that said have not seen much activity on the freeway - certainly no unmarked cars (I check every commode I pass). This morning there was a marked car sitting in the middle just past stud rd today zapping the outbound lanes - first time ive seen one in a week or two. That 80km construction zone is driving me to boredom!
  8. On ABC radio they were going on about drivers using mobile phones, but I'm sure they'll be looking for other things too.

    Maybe a bit of extra care when lanesplitting would be warranted.
  9. Yeah they were on the freeway this morning... I saw 4 marked police cars on the Monash on my ride into the city this morning and one of them had a car pulled over in the emergency stopping lane over to the far right, at the time I was between the middle and right lanes so decided to move over to the other side of a few trucks til I got past them :eek:

    I was "filtering" when I saw the others too and they were in the right lane of heavily congested traffic so I promptly moved over to the left lane again...
  10. Just confirmed on channel 10 news.

    Covering Early morning commuters
    -Speeding/High Range Speeding
    -Mobile Phones

    starting tomorrow.
  11. Why do people feel the need to drop their speed by 20km/h when they see a marked police car... as long as they're doing the limit that's fine, but pi$$es me off when they drop to 10-15km/h below the limit after spotting the marked cars :evil:

    As soon as I got through that heavy traffic that was well below 100km/h where the marked cars were the traffic speed was straight back up to 100+km/h[/end rant]
  12. oh lordy - i should take it easy then for the next month. Getting on the freeway via Toorak Rd is my only buzz i get.
  13. This is going to be a $hit month of commuting... :evil:

    Looks like I'll be leaving for work around 5am again and hang around in/near the city til after peak hour for my ride home... stuff actually sitting in the stop/start Monash carpark!!
  14. Hope they have a look on the Westgate as well and nab the chick texting and getting within a foot of the car in front while doing just under 100kmh near Altona!!!
  15. If you need a house to chill at near cbd, you got my place :) We even have parked my car so a bike can safely park in front of our place :grin:
  16. Thanks for the offer Waz!! :cool:
    I'll probably be taking you up on that coz there's no way I'm sitting in amongst the traffic on the Monash Carpark... I'd rather wait til later and have nice run on the Monash :wink:

    Anyone watch the news at 6 or whenever it was meant to be on tonight?? if so, can you please provide an overview of what they'll be cracking down on?? :? Pretty sure they won't like lane splitting/filtering, it all depends on the officer whether he deems it to be safe/legal
  17. Rode to work today at about 7am... didn't really filter/split for the majority of my ride into work and didn't see a single marked police car or any unmarked cars with people pulled over :?

    Wasn't the blitz meant to start today :? If the blitz keeps going as it did this morning I'd be very happy :LOL: I saw a few marked and unmarked police cars on the monash yesterday and zero today!!

    Did anyone see anything on the Monash today??
  18. Yeah about 6pm, there was a patrol car which had a gsxr 750 pulled over
    just before the F.T.G off ramp.

    Hakin :wink:
  19. lucky for me i never need to use the monash lol
    good luck to everyone who is
    and hope nothing bad happens to any riders...mostly speeding ones :wink: :grin: :grin:
  20. It was choc-a-block and pouring on monash M1... I saw a marked blue SS police petrol car driving pass every car and check if the driver was using mobile... Smart!!!

    One chic in the Astra got pullover.. I think she was talking on the phone..