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**** ********* - Monash Freeway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Our friends in blue must be having a crack down on lane splitting on the Monash FWY. I saw a guy yesterday getting booked and this morning another bikie just before burnley exit (city bound) Also found out today my cousin got booked this morning

    Price for lane splitting - $180 plus 2 demerit points.
  2. Yep saw the guy near the Burnley exit getting booked by the marked police bike. He may have been riding the emergency lane too though .
    Interesting to be charged with "Lane splitting" considering there is no actual law.
    What was the actual charge your cousin was charged with?
  3. if they were riding in the emergency lane then i hope they throw the book at them :evil:
  4. Re: LANE SPLITTING - Monash Freeway

    Well they reckon saving 10-15 minutes in a car is worth paying 5 bucks or so in tolls, so seems like pretty good value if you only get caught once or twice a year.
    Maybe if they'd designed the roads better and included a small motorcycle only lane on the far RHS there'd be a lot more people on bikes and a lot less congestion in the other lanes (bicycles get their own lanes after all and they don't even pay rego).
  5. well from what he said he was just splitting and then out of no where a white bike with flashing blue lights was behind him.
    Since the start of this year i have only seen one biker cop on the freeway, id think its the last thing you want to do is join in the peak hour parade to the city.

    Anyways just giving everyone the heads up.
  6. Re: LANE SPLITTING - Monash Freeway

    remind me again why I love my rural commute :)
  7. The copper probably booked him for an unsafe passing maneuver or passing on the left hand side I would think.
  8. A few weeks ago I saw a motorbike cop in the outside emergency lane on Citylink just remounting his bike, then a minute later saw someone riding up the emergency stopping lane, then 20 seconds later the policeman race up the same lane and a short while later saw the policeman with the other rider pulled over. Can't say I was too sorry for the guy.

    Since then, I still see at least one rider doing that on Citylink pretty much every morning (which to be fair may be the same guy/gal every day), and I agree with you Stewy, it's not on. I don't get it...too lazy to split?

    Butz. :beer:

    Edit: Oh, and putting mod-hat on. I'm not sure the topic needs the LANE SPLITTING to be all caps?
  9. I use the emergency lane in the morning, I've been done for it once and the Cop didn't really have a problem with it, he was nice enough and joked about it - even called it the "annual bike tax".

    I've been done once for it, it saves a heap of time so I consider it a tax I'm willing to pay.

    As for splitting, they normally do you for "overtaking on the left".
  10. I jumped onto the Monash at Springvale Rd this morning around 10am, pretty soon came up behind a VE with the tell tale 3 aerials on the rear window.. Yep, sure enough it was an unmarked copper. I just sat nicely in the right hand lane for 3-4 minutes and was far enough down the track to split a little more.

    Ever since I saw that guy killed on the Monash a few weeks back, I have reduced my splitting a lot, and now only do so when the traffic is going at about 60k's, and then I do so at about 70k's max. The time saving is almost the same as when I used to whip down the freeway splitting away.
  11. I split up and down the Monash to and from work depending on the time of day, ie in the morning shift i go outbound from the Bolte Bridge at about 6am, so very little need to split etc and very rarely see a police bike on the road at that time.

    I finish at 3.40pm and will split once traffic starts banking up because they have closed a lane in the Domain Tunnel. Sometimes I will start filtering traffic from the Toorak road offramp. I have never seen the need to use the emergency lanes for splitting traffic.
  12. What was the deal with the Monash this afternoon? I got on there at about 2.30pm thinking it wouldn't be so bad - but it was full on chockas right from the Toorak rd exit. Don't recall it ever being that busy at that time of day.

    I quite often see bikes pulled up - yet to be done so myself. *touch wood*
  13. I'm the one who got caught this morning near the Burnley turn off.

    I was just lane splitting, there were a lot of trucks in the outside lane and the middle lane, so I went over to the inside lane and split past a few cars. No great drama, I just happened to be in the wrong place (i.e. where a motorcycle cop could see me). I didn't pull over until I found somewhere safe, which was the emergency lane just after the Burnley off ramp. I've been using the freeway for 18 months and its my first fine. Its no real worry, I'm ok as long as I don't get them too regularly.

    I went looking at Ducati Monsters today. Its time to trade up from the trusty GPX. That'll open up a whole new realm of possibilities for making extra payments to our dear government in the future.
  14. So .. what was the actual offense you were booked for ??
  15. He said it was for lane splitting. l'll find out what the actual wording is when I get the fine in the mail. It may be for passing on the left or something like that.
  16. Blue suzuki?
  17. umm...I'm guessing not :LOL:

  18. black kawasaki gpx with green stripe
  19. Not the guy i saw then.
    Bugger this bloke must have been busy.
    He was on the opposite side this morning.