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Monash Freeway Update

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by karl2ltgc, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Anyone know whats going on with the monash. Like why is the speed limit 80ks and not 100 after upgrading the road from around bourke/toorak road....

    Why do they still have cones blocking the far right lane inbound??

    How long till the monash gets its "safety cameras"?

    Cheers Karl
  2. I'm guessing the 80kph zone is to stay, given that all those LED speed signs don't have any ability to display 100 if you look at them carefully.

    Just think of it as another present from Tim Pallas, who has presided over more speed limit reductions on highways in his tenure than perhaps all road ministers from the last 30 years combined.
  3. F***ing Pallas. It's always the people that are incapable themselves, that seem to think it's the rest of us with the inability. ](*,)
  4. I noticed that too just prior to leaving Melbourne (since I rarely travelled along the Monash). I couldn't believe that an upgraded freeway had a downgraded speed limit but then there is a reason why Victoria collects $375M in traffic fines each year (which is far more than any other state). Safety my arse!

    The only possible explanation I could come up with for the reduction waaaay further back than it used to be is.... actually, I can't think of one. The reduction to 80 closer to the city (even though the design brief for the tunnels was for 100 km/h) can't completely be argued against but starting it at Toorak Rd defies logic.
  5. Most likely reason for the permanent reduction is that emergency lanes do not exist for the entire length of the current 80k zone due to additional lanes added. This would be a required criteria for 100K zones that are expected to carry high traffic volumns close to the city.

    The same thing was done with the Calder Fwy between the Ring Rd and the Melton Exit where there was a peak hour traffic jam every day. They removed the emergency lane, added another lane and dropped the speed to 80 from 100k.

    One would think they could alter the limits so they could increase it in non peak times but it would not be considered with inner city fwys without an emergency stopping lane.
  6. Well that sucks....hell you can go 80 through the tunnel but oh noes 100ks on a freeway.... I guess it does represent the general abilities of most motorists though. :(
  7. The fourth lanes are still blocked off while they finish work to strengthen the road/bridge supports so that they can handle the extra weight that the extra lane of traffic will create.

    As far as the speed limit goes I'm not sure. I guess it's still 80kph while they work but something tells me it will more than likely stay at 80 even when they're finished.
  8. There will be no emergency stopping lanes so it would be safer to reduce the limits overall.
    I'd rather 80 kmh in constant moving traffic rather than stop start if a car breaks down and 4 idiots behind career into them
  9. Are you saying that bridge and pavement (the road) widening work is still going on or that the widened section of bridges are being cantilevered?

    joedelosa's answer seems to make sense. I didn't notice a lack of stopping lanes on the right but did in some sections on the left.
  10. I'm not sure of the exact works, structural engineering was never my strongpoint!

    About a month ago one of the news services ran a story showing huge peak hour delays on the monash around Scotch College. They were asking why the new lane was not open when it appeared that everything was finished.

    A spokesman from VicRoads said that while the top appeared finished there was still a lot of work to be done underneath to strengthen the road supports. They then showed men working underneath the road deck.

    I just found this on the Monash Upgrade Website.

    Single lane closure from Burke Road inbound
    There is currently a lane closure on the Monash Freeway west of High Street near Burke Road. This is in place for traffic management purposes while strengthening works are being completed on the CityLink section of the M1. This closure will remain in place until approximately mid-2010. This section will then open to four lanes for inbound traffic.

    Not sure why you highlited my second statement. Yes Joe does make a good point, I didn't say he didn't. My view is a more cynical one. The limit has been reduced for a long time now without a great deal of public comment. I think they will leave it as it is and people will be so use to it that the whole thing will pass without comment.
  11. This is correct. There is a bike track (Gardiners Creek Trail) which is suspended under that whole elevated part of the Monash between Scotch and St Kevins College that I use from time to time. Workmen have been working under there for ages although on the top everything seems completed.
  12. My thoughts exactly. I looked at them and thought "hang on, those don't look like they could even display 100. Bastards!"