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Monash Freeway trial, 90km/hr trucks keeping left

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by oldcorollas, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. #1 oldcorollas, Jun 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    interesting to announce over a long weekend...

    No Cookies | Herald Sun

    Trial to slow trucks on Monash Freeway to prevent crashes

    Trucks travelling on sections of Melbourne's Monash Freeway will be restricted to 90 kilometre per hour (kph) speed limits under an 18-month trial to make the road safer.
    The restriction for trucks will be in place between Jacksons Road and Huntingdale Road.

    Cars will still be able to travel up to 100kph, giving them the chance to move around slower large-haul vehicles.
    Six-month trial will allow speeds up to 100kph for cars between Ashburton and Toorak (Is that 80 now?)
    Changes may be rolled out on other roads if trial successful, State Government says


    TRUCK speeds will be slashed to 90km/h on the Monash Freeway and big rigs will be banned from right lanes as part of an 18-month trial.
    The restrictions are aimed at reducing collisions with cars which cause traffic chaos

    The speed reduction to 90km/h begins on August 25.

    A ban on trucks from the right lane will be part of phase two, which is anticipated to begin mid next year and will run in conjunction with the speed restriction.

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  2. thoughts?

    letting cars go faster than trucks, who can only use left lanes, seems like a good idea on the surface?
    (I'm sure the anti-establishment kids have other ideas though :p )

    edit: government trial on changing major road conditions is "Pub" thread?
  3. Why in two stages? That's damn stupid. As it is, trucks take up all the lanes...now they'll still do it, but be restricted to 90 until mid next year, when they'll finally have to get out of the damn way???

    What sort of gummint numbnut thought that up???

    Edit: Ah, the roads minister, yep, that explains a lot....
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  4. I am sure I heard some dimwit from VicRoads just recently announce that there would be no extension of the successful program to keep trucks left that has been used for Heavy vehicles out hoppers crossing way?
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  5. maybe their brief was "stop trucks bashing into the back of cars"?

    is the road a "keep left unless overtaking" road now?
    if so, then doing 90, they won't be overtaking, unless left lane is slower?

    of course they will anyway, probably at 110 :p
  6. can't find news of it... could they have said they are extending?

    sneaky edits: there was news a month ago..

    No Cookies | Herald Sun

    Laws were passed in 2010 banning trucks from right lanes on the Princes Freeway, between the Western Ring Rd and Lara, and the Eastern Freeway in a response to safety concerns and motorists feeling intimidated.

    and the extending bit was to other roads.. nto changing the current law

    VicRoads has decided it will not extend banning trucks from right-hand lanes on major roads including the Monash Freeway, CityLink, Hume Highway and Western Ring Rd.

    but... todays announcement is that they ARE extending it to the Monash, albeit next year
  7. Education is the answer not regulation and restriction.
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  8. it seems Premier McPremierface is talking up the talking up the potential Increase in speeds in general?

    or, more about reducing speed when traffic is heavy/stop-start to make it flow more smoothly, and increase when traffic is light
    I hope the latter is a focus, and the first phase of doing it at night sounds like increases, rather than decreases?

    Australian First Speed Trials On The Monash

    The Andrews Labor Government is undertaking an Australian-first technology trial that will see speeds on the Monash Freeway move up and down based on live traffic conditions.

    Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan today unveiled a new state-of-the-art approach to speed management that will see speed limits change in response to road conditions, such as an increase or decrease in traffic volumes, weather conditions and the time of day.

    The Dynamic Speed Trial – which starts in early July, running between High Street in Ashburton and Glenferrie Road in Toorak – means motorists, when it is safe to do so, will be able to increase their speed from 80 km/hour to 100km/hour on this section of the Monash.

    The innovative approach will use the existing technology including CCTV and road sensors as well as overhead electronic signs to change speed limits when conditions allow, not just if there are road works or a collision.

    The six month pilot will trial three different phases: phase one will vary speeds at night, phase two will include night and off-peak periods such as weekends, and phase three will run 24-hours a day, including peak periods.

    If successful, we will look at rolling out this technology on other managed motorways across Melbourne.

    re trucks:
    The Monash Speed Trial will run for 18 months, with a second trial phase banning trucks from the right hand lane alongside the 90km/hour speed limit in order – to evaluate the effectiveness of the two measures together.

    Reducing the speed that trucks are travelling will create greater distances between cars and trucks and allow cars to navigate safely around trucks reducing the likelihood of rear end and side swipe crashes.

    then again :( (please don't f it up, hope they are just talking about trucks)
    Quotes attributable to Victorian Transport Association CEO Peter Anderson
    “We support the Monash Speed Trial because we believe speed reductions here have the potential to create productivity and safety improvements for operators, which is good for business.”
  9. It was this and the spokesperson went on to say that it would be harder to do on the Monash because there were more on/off ramps and keeping trucks to the left would make it more difficult for other vehicles to enter exit from said ramps
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  10. up and down won't mean >100 just that they can slow it down when congested. the M25 has been like that for years and it does actually work.
  11. They're a pack of idiots. Have had variable signs for years, but they've only ever gone down in speed, despite having 4 lanes.

    So, are they still going to reduce the speed of the soon to be widened part to 80 (permanently) as previously announced?? Seems like no one can make up their minds what the heck they're doing....
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  12. Call me a cynic, though every announcement about any changes to speed limits is reductions "to keep the public safe" whether it be country roads, suburban streets (I agree with that one), and now freeways. Trucks today, everyone else tomorrow.
  13. So trucks limited to 90 kph on the nominated section - but not required yet to keep left. That's the best way ever to reduce the overall speed in that section to 90kph for everyone. Rolling 90kph truck blocks!!!