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monash freeway trenches

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kreigh, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. i call them trenches, those annoying foot wide trench things where i think they've cut out the previous line markings. there's a fair few of them from around heatherton rd to warrigal rd. i shit myself everytime i realise i'm in one or have to go over one to change lanes. it feels like the bike slips sometimes when i go over them, has anyone got some advice for me?

  2. Those kind of things are unpleasant to ride on, but they're not really a big risk unless there's something else involved (like oil). They will deflect you - slightly - but they shouldn't bring you down.
    The trick is to be loose and fluid and let the bike do what it wants to do until you get clear. Go tense and you'll magnify the effect.
  3. Relax (as titus said) and enjoy them!
    Although, as Raven experienced, they can be a lot more difficult if your tyre has squared off from too much freeway/not enough twisties riding.

    It's ok for the tyres to track them. When you want to get out, countersteer out. Best that it's a definite move so you're not pulled in again, but doesn't have to be agressive. Maybe practise your countersteering before going into them (zig-zag left/right by pushing left bar then right bar...). You'll get used to how much the bike can move around and it still being perfectly safe.
  4. In bound were the signs say loose gravel an 60 ks.
    Do not ride in the right lane. I got cought up in these massive holes and all i could do was hang on an ride them out until i could steer off em.

    Its a little after stud rd, maybe past wellington.
    There are big f*ck off holes, i think they are the reason i busted my front fork seals on my r1. And the loose stones are no good.
    Also try to avoid spliting between left an right lane around that area as between the lanes is very rough.

    As for the monash out from the city there is not realy anything to be to worried about. The little grooves dont affect the bike much at all.
  5. My advice..... RELAX . Today was the first day I've been over them, on an unfamiliar, crappy Virago. Let the bike do what it has to. Be decisive when you go over them....don't ride on the lip for an extended period.

    They are not that bad.
  6. yeah i'm not real worried about them anymore, although i'm still a bit cautious of them. i think it was just the whole getting used to freeway riding thing. thanks for the replies
  7. I ride the Monash every (week)day and I know exactly what you mean.

    I treat them like tram tracks. As the road curves and the trench moves across your lane just imagine you're changing lanes on a two lane road with tram tracks - bike upright, steady throttle, straight across as quick as you can.
  8. i haven't ridden anywhere near tram tracks yet, are they a bit scarey? do you wanna hit them as 90 (sqaure) as possible?
  9. Yep. If that's not possible (eg in same direction as tracks & need to cross): be on one side of the track, then quick counter steer so you're on the other side of the track - especially important in the wet... and be light on the bars. Gripping on for dear life will only make things worse.
  10. monash

    The person responsible for this joke of a freeway should be SACKED NOW it a disgrace even in the car ,

    Its now 22ks of road works in and 22ks of roadworks out from the city to Dandenong

    And WE yes You are payeing for this shit ''''''

    Sorry but this freeway is a joke ;;