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Featured VIC Monash freeway outbound on approach to Warrigal Rd

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Spiritech, May 27, 2015.

  1. Was following a small Peugeot in my work car today in the second lane in from the left approx 1km from Warrigal road exit, little peugeot started dumping oil in the middle of the lane, he changed lanes to the left then to the emergency lane, leaving an oil slick about 200ish metres long. Being the freeway and no accident I doubt it'll get the kitty litter treatment, I'd stick to the two right hand lanes til we get a good downpour or two to wash it off.

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  2. thanks for the heads up, riding there tomorrow
  3. Damn French and their substandard engineering.....[raises fist]
    Thanks for the headsup, I'll give you an update on my way home tonight.
  4. How does the road look?. Coming down it tomorrow NIGHT and in left lane to exit at Warrigal.
  5. Did not like the thought I might hit the oil in the dark so checked it out in the car this afternoon. The oil stain/trail is still visible but appears absorbed into the hot mix. If there is any light rain/moisture it may come up to the surface. Take care until after a heavy downpour.
  6. Sorry for the delay, can update.
    Still a visible markings across multiple lanes.