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VIC Monash being targeted (again)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. The cops are running another "blitz" on the Monash - this time near Toorak Road in the construction zones there.

  2. It's like they all have radios or something :eek:

    That's some nice policework, there, boys.
  3. Fark i hate these lying shits......most corrupt people on the face of the planet :evil: i been through there at night and and sure there are area's were they are working but as you head out there are sections at night where there is no work happening concrete safety barriers up
  4. Funny how the cops don't tell everyone HOW they intercept these miscreants.

    On 3AW a short time ago a guy was on talking about the cops chasing someone (they couldn't work out who) by racing in and out of the work zone, dodging witches hats and generally causing mayhem behind him as drivers were trying to work out what was going on and whether it was them that the copper was after.

    Then the cop pulls the dastardly villain over and takes up an entire lane of Citylink, which in itself caused further chaos.

    You really gotta wonder. There's a thread in here about Victoria Police's finest being corrupt and how the current commish has brought the force into the 21st century (sic). But if this copper is typical of what we have to protect and serve us on the roads, then is it any wonder that the road toll is and remains high?
  5. Agreed. If they used this 40kmh limited when and where people were actually working, people might have some respect for it. But now everyone knows for sure it's just about upping the speeding revenue catch for this year to the budget forecast $1Billion.

    Anyone using Hoddle street today would be wise to avoid the bus lanes, BTW :wink:
  6. I was talking to a truck driver at work after unloading the truck an he reckons thats alot of cops are sitting on freeway over pass/on ramps down the monash "shootin you up the arse with the radars guns".

    He reckons Forster Rd, Blackburn on ramps especially.

    Damn melbourne roads are shit.
  7. All this enforcement for a 40km zone is about taking more people off the road so they stand a chance to show that the road toll is lower. Less cars, less road toll.

    Who's a cynic?
  8. Not you vic! I agree fully. The problem is they target easy zones not where the real problems are, eg princess hwy on a friday or saturday night.
  9. I believe this is just another incident pointing to police/beaurocrats trying to get bikes off the road completely. Even the Cops are now completely brainwashed with this whole Speed Kills bullshit and are specifically targetting us because of continued bad press about bikes.

    Just to go OT slightly; Why else aren't we included in any road/city planning? I mean, how many times is a media article put up on this site calling for better ways to cope with the huge amount of cars on the road yet we never hear about motorbikes as a viable alternative. Why? Because they would rather pretend we don't exist, as if by ignoring us we'll go away.

    For the rest of us that insist on still using this evil form of archaic dangerous transportation, they figure on fining us off the road. eg FNP, the above story by MG, constant reports in the media about the dangers of motorbikes blah blah blah.

    My question is 'What do we do about it?'

    *end rant* (sorry :oops: )