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Monaro Hwy ( Cann River to Brown Mountain)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by rascus, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hi guys here is another one for you all.
    The Monaro Hwy is fast. It is suited to more the Blackbird and Hyabusa's. Average speed through this 130 Klm stretch can be up to 260-300kph :-$ (a good detour is turn off at Rockton and take the Mt Imlay Road which is almost as fast and takes you across to the Princes Hwy south of Eden go up the Hwy to Bega and to Brown Mountain that way). Got to watch out for Lace monitors and roos but it is sweeping bend after sweeping bend. It take you through Bombala where the pub is good for lunch but once you get to brown mountain you can turn left onto the Snowy Mountain Highway which is a great ride in it self with various turn offs taking you through various parts of the snowy mountains, just awesome. =P~

    Any thoughts
    I reccomend this road to anyone but it is a quite a way I regulary do it as a 3 day ride from Melbourne through the whole area.

  2. I love this piece of road. Its sensational.
    First rode it on my return from the 1999 Ducati Turismo. I remember calling my girlfriend in Mallacoota from Bombala, telling her I was on my way and having her say," Man, that's in the middle of nowhere!" :LOL:
  3. And remember to call it by it's proper name.

    It's the Mon-air-o highway.
  4. I remember that first ride on the Monaro Hwy. There were a few dirt deviations at that stage. I saw two black Ferarris going in the opposite direction and thought that's a good sign and perhaps an appropriate name for the road. :D
  5. No way!

    I had the displeasure of riding the Hume Hwy through the Brown Mountains on my way to Merimbula in April last year. Now, you're probably sitting there thinking Hume Hwy + Merimbula coming from Melbourne = ?

    You'd be justified in raising an eybrow too. I was stupid, and decided to take the Hume, and then cut across to the coast up around Cooma. Dumb idea.

    After a 15 hr slow, stop and start ride, I finally got to Merimbula. Only after freezing my little n00b arse off on my little CBR250 going over the Browns at about 10pm. I had to stop in the Adaminaby Pub for a good hour and defrost. Mind you, I only had jeans, AGV Leather Race Jacket and my Shark lid. It was BLOODY cold!

    Never doing that again. Princes all the way since that trip. Brr... got shiovers now thinking of it.
  6. Ahhh yess, the Mt Imlay Road. Must run for a hundred kms or so. Few cars. Paradiso. :D

    Wonder if they've patched up that little dirt section just before Monaro Hwy. Its been a while. :)
  7. Might be a while before I ride down there at night.

    There's a great little old style cafe with pinball and laminex in Bombala. And last time I checked the owner was a motorcycle fan. Gardner and Doohan posters on the walls.
    Step back in time... 8)
  8. You would think coming from Ballarat you would be used to the cold :)

    You got take these sort of roads in these areas with trepidation. The weather than can take a sharp turn for the worse any time of the year. I have actually done that area in winter :eek: Every time I ride through that area I always ensure that I have the right gear for the worst conditions. I did that area a few years ago in mid December and things turned pear shaped coming over the mountains via Cabramurra and got down to Corryong so cold it took me an hour to stop shivering. I had all my good gear on too :!:
    Don't discount the area because of a bad experience, I keep going back there as the roads around there are sensational and if the weather does go bad it is all part of the adventure :)

    As the boy scouts say "Be Prepared"