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Mon Jan 16 PI track day, who's up for it?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. If I haven't sold my Gixxer by then I think I'll take it out for a ride, who's up for the day?

  2. I was thinking of it, but I would be too poor after my holiday :(. How much are PIRD these days?
  3. I'm keen just have to check my roster, phong I think they around $240 if booked on line
  4. Back at work,, :(
  5. probably inners!
  6. The day before will be CSS for me, so I'll probably be too sore to hit the track for a second day in a row. :(
  7. Booked in yellow group with the 400
  8. anyone know if a bike will pass scruiteneering if its missing half a belly pan? one side is secured 100% but the other side cracked while out on a ride the other week and yeahh.. wont be able to get my hands on one til after the 16th
  9. ^^ Can you secure it with cable ties?
    If it's loose and flapping it will not pass.

  10. If its stuffed just drill into the fairing and cable tie and ducktape, as long as its secure it shouldnt matter, or just take off the lower fairing, i've seen lots of naked bikes with no belly pan at ride days
  11. theres no fairing there.. it cracked at the mount point and snapped off... you can see the engine underside and everything.. looks normal from the rhs tho.. the right hand side belly pan is still in perfect secured condition, just not the left side.
  12. im on the waiting list for the b2 group i think, 2nd slowest?

    riding there aswell, hopefully dont regret it :)

    just remembered i had a sparebelly pan in my garage :D
  13. Be aware of the noise restrictions now in place, if your bike is under 75db then you can participate otherwise tough titties.
    Blame the council and the neighbours.

    Edit: from this email
    Important notice: Noise Limitation at Phillip Island, January 14/15
    The following is an important notice to all students participating in the upcoming California Superbike Schools (CSS), due to be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of January. Phillip Island Race Circuit has been required to impose a 75db noise restriction for these dates – reduced from the usual 95db noise limit.
    This noise reduction won’t impact students who run standard road bikes with standard exhaust systems.
    There is the possibility motorcycles running aftermarket mufflers may exceed the noise limit, while those running full race exhausts systems face the greatest risk of exceeding the 75db noise limit.
    Past experience has shown that most Italian Supersport bikes – such as Ducati and Aprilia – with aftermarket systems fitted will exceed the 75db noise limit and as such will not be able to participate on either of these two days.
    Should your motorcycle exceed the noise limit on the day, you will not be permitted to continue riding. In this instance, due to the short notice regarding the reduced noise limit, you will be able to reschedule your booking to another event with no additional cost.
    Should you have any doubts or concerns please feel free to contact the CSS team on 1300 793 423 or via e-mail at bookings@motorcyclingeventsgroupaustralia.com.au prior to 5pm Thursday January 12 and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

    It could only apply for those dates but it may be wise to check for monday to be sure.
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    How'd you get that one
    NIk? Were you going too?
  15. Quoted from a netrider member. Apparently It's not as bad as it sounds as the actual measurement is taken from a fair distance back so most affected are ducatis wih full race pipes.

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
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    Yeah just looked at that. Too late now though. No biggee anymore, I'll just run w the new plan
  17. but this day is on the 16th not the 14th/15th weekend?
  18. ^^ There is a trackday on the Monday 16th and the CSS is on the weekend. I suspect the Council is cool with having track days etc during the week when residents are at work and the noise is not of such a concern but on the weekends, country folk like to sleep in, eat alot of peaches and like the serenity.

  19. ok on the wait list now.. anyone think they could possssibly take a set of tyres down for me incase mine get pinged on scrutineering? ive got a set of q2s ready to go on but wanna try and get a last day out of these alpha 11's

  20. If your anywhere near werribee You can chuck them in the back of my ute. Are you off the waiting list or you just going to rock up?