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Molton Rhok orange

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Scarfo88, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Molten Rhok orange

    So I finally got around to finishing the install

    Here are a few photos, again taken on my iPhone. Im not sure how long these takes to achieve optimum charge so these where taken after a ride around the block

    this video is pretty close to what is actually seen( it is a touch brighter in this video then in person), pictures come out a dull and don't do the kit justice,



    indoors with camera flash

    indoors after exposed to daylight

    nightime 1

    nightime 2

    nightime 3

    nightime 4

    showing placement of the uv light on the chainguard

    My thoughts.

    In daylight these looks pretty sweet, a very nice contrast against the black bike. At night they standout and look pretty nice, they glow a light orange not as vibrant as daytime colour, side by side to other kits they wont shine as bright. But these still look awesome.

    Overall the kit was quite simple to install, and looks great, I would recommend them to everyone.
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  2. Looks good.
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  3. Looks great and bright to me
  4. Geez Scarfo, you really got them close to the rims man! (y)

    Your vid looks awesome.. so that's how mine looks like from a distance... Cool !!
  5. Nice install Scarfo. Awesome bike also. I'm jealous of your swingarm !
  6. cheers fellas,

    I think Sophie needs one Ian ;).

    Really loving the kit, I find that other people either love them or think they are like neons on cars
  7. Love it!

    (P.s. if you want to change the title of your thread... when editing your post go to 'advanced').