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Molten RHOK Tron Lights

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by hackavatar, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Hi All!

    I was lucky enough to be selected as a representative of RHOK Industries in Brisbane. I've got a 2010 Raven R1, and I requested a yellow kit to match the gold rims and trim on the bike.

    Here are some photos from my installation. I'll put up some night time photos (and hopefully a video) as soon as I can find someone with a camera decent enough to record quality night time pics - mine from last night were all terrible.

    The kit was quite easy to install - but I do have quite some experience with mechanics and electronics. That said, with the instructions provided I don't think that anyone would struggle.

    Some hopefully helpful pointers:

    • Measure twice, cut once.
    • Don't rush. Take your time, do it properly once. Doing the installation before you have to be somewhere is a good way to rush it and make mistakes. It took me less than two hours, may take more or less time for you.
    • The grey and orange plastic cable joiners seem flimsy, but they are actually quite strong. You need to pull the plastic lever 90 degrees upwards. It feels like it will break when you're doing it, but they are quite strong. Then insert the cable under the metal strip and close it again. This can be confusing if you've never used them before.
    • Plan out where you are putting everything first. Make sure you've got enough cable, a switch (if you want one) and a secure way to mount it to your bike somewhere.
    • Remember to leave enough slack for handlebars to turn, if you are mounting any cable or switches on them.
    • Don't put any cables near anything that gets excessively hot (especially active cables!) and don't put them somewhere where they will get pulled or pinched (think: handlebars, swingarm joints...).
    • Don't trust your girlfriends phone with all the photos when yours is under warranty repairs, they'll get erased and you'll have to pull your bike apart again to take new ones!

    So, here's some photos!

    Before the installation - note the shiny gold rims with no rim tape.

    Rim tape installed:

    UV LED pod installed on the rear swingarm (through the wheels):

    Rear swingarm cable routing - the cable travels up the brake fluid pipe, through the rear pegs (never taking them off!), and through the drainage gap into the rear seat chamber, where it passes through into the space under the seat next to the battery:

    Under the seats - you can see the battery and cabling. I spliced onto the rear tail light for a switched power source, and grounded directly to the battery terminal itself. Both front and rear LED pods are wired into here, saving valuable space under the rear seat. You can see the wires from the front wheel coming past the toolkit on the left.

    Front wheel installation - I removed the front wheel plastic and the reflector mount to clean them. From here, I put them back together and mounted the LED pod on the reflector bracket, as this was a smooth surface and very close to the rim itself. The cable is wrapped (and zip tied) around the brake fluid pipes again, and meet each other at the bracket which holds the pipes in place on the lowest clamp.
  2. I also elected to install a switch onto the front left fork. It's worth making sure you have enough slack on the cables so that they are not pulled when the steering turns, and that the cables are not going to get pinched or melted anywhere. The cables for this I had to provide myself, along with the switch. The cables meet under the rider's seat as well, to complete the circuit. Takamii's diagram included with the kit should be enough for you to figure out how it goes, it simply goes between the active source and the fuse.

    Obligatory sticker shot:

    Some darker pictures from inside my garage. I let it sit in the same spot for a few minutes, then wheeled the bike backwards to show the colour difference. You can also see how just while wheeling it backwards, the tape that passed under the LEDs charged slightly.

    All in all, it's a great kit. Here's some thoughts I have about it, from the installation and my only ride with it last night:
    • Since it's a glow and not a light, I don't think you'll have too many problems with the police about it. It's not a revolving or flashing light either, so you'd have to be a real dick to the po-po for them to book you on something. Don't be a dick to the police! :p
    • The yellow does look fairly green. My housemate thought that it was a green kit, before I had told him it was yellow.
    • The tim tape is thick and strong, making it quite easy to install neatly. Matched the size of my rims perfectly.
    • It does stand out a little, even in the day.
    • Because it's basically glow in the dark, you can't just "turn it off". It needs a few minutes to stop glowing. Even then, it will still glow faintly from other sources of UV light, such as the sun or street lights.
    • Giving your bike a serious clean beforehand is a great idea.
    • Definately improves your visibility on the road. The R1 already turns heads (especially with the Akraprovic's on it) and this seems to increase it.
    • I hear Takamii's next generation yellow kit is roughly 33% brighter. I would love to see pictures of that in action.
    • It's quite hard to photograph well in the dark!
    • Added benefits: now have harems of chicks in every suburb, can make perfect 90 degree turns in zero space at high speed and this kit also saved my life from super alien mutant cyborgs from the future. Would recommend.

    You can also view the full gallery. I will try and get some nice night time photos soon!

    Any questions, please ask. If anyone up this way has a kit and would like to go for a ride together, pm me!
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  3. Night time pictures! Please forgive the quality, they are quite difficult to photograph well in the dark.



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  4. Last picture is a good one James - but thanks for all of them
  5. Green looks kick ass too !!

    Holy :censored: they're bright !
  6. do you think there is any way you could make this work on a SSS bike
  7. I have no idea what a SSS bike is
  8. single sided swing arm
  9. yes - a few people have done it by making a bracket to attach to the exhaust hanger

    PM felix for some tips or email him on ian@rhok.com.au
  10. This one really RHOKs Man!
    I looooove your bike now.. and dats bad cuzz itz a Yammie! ](*,)

    Actually... I like the green rims on your bike.. it'll look even better on ma Gixxer tho..
  11. #11 hackavatar, Apr 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2014
    You clearly are using some never-before heard definition of 'bad' ;)

    Also Tak, everyone thinks they are green! How much for a set of orange stickers? :p

    ... are you implying our orange ones look yellow...?
    Just because your yellows look green, don't drag other colours into it... We can't help it, if your rims are confused

  12. Awesome write up. Much appreciated.
  13. Hey another Brisbane rider here with Yellow Strips... Your bike looks great, how are they going now that you've had them on for a while?

    I just installed mine today - My install was more for safety than looks (I ride home everyday at night and my bike is ugly and old :) )

    I'm curious to know if you've had any issues with the LED modules coming off? I was afraid that with some rain and a few bumps they might stop sticking.

    My bike is a bit older (and dirtier no matter how much I try to clean it) Rather than relying solely on that double sided tape I attached some Cable ties for redundancy. It doesn't look as good, but gives me piece of mind.

    I decided to make the system completely separate with its own set of terminals and switch, mainly because my bike doesn't have a clock and i finally added one (which needed a constant power source, so i bypassed the switch for the wheel lights for that) :)


    Dodgey new clock, and waterproof switch added - bottom right





    If anyone wants pics of an install on an older bike, let me know :)

    They do look a bit green - but I'm very impressed with the system, easy to install and didn't take long (I took a little longer as I decided to change the spark plugs while the fuel tank was off)
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  14. nice work
  15. Hey Sideways,

    Stoked that you are happy with the kit.

    Provided the surface is clean and dry, you wont have any trouble with the double sided tape. The tape is 3M and classed as out doors and waterproof. I've had a weight attached to a small piece of this tape and out in the weather for almost six months and its still going strong.

    I've done a similar test with our rim tape for the kits and the stuff is still impossible to remove and working like a charm.

    The most important aspect of any adhesive is the cleanliness of the substrate to which it is attached. So long as it's been prepared well we (RHOK) will replace the component for you in a heartbeat. We put a lot of effort into testing the kits before we released them so I'd be really surprised if there were any problems. Needless to say, we stand behind our product 100%


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  16. +1 to Ian's testing, my LED pods are still hanging on strong. I like your switch installation, looks very clean.
  17. alright, I'll take your word for it and remove the cable ties :)
  18. cause any rubber neck accidents yet ?
  19. Not yet, only neck injuries to report of are my own from the +1000HP your lights kit added.
  20. Wow. Why don't I already have this on my bike!! :eek:

    I'm looking at the aqua ones for an all black bike. I'm thinking they'd be closest to the tron colours?

    Which colour is brightest/most noticeable?