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Molten Rhok Tron Lights Installation - GSXR 600

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sheepy, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I was pretty excited to come home last week and see that the blue Molten Rhok Tron lights had turned up, I even did a happy dance on the way back from the mailbox. Wheeee. :D

    Having poured the contents out of the package, I read through the instructions a few times and then a few more times....My mechanical knowledge is pretty average (Note - awful). I've only ever taken off the tank once and I'd never unplugged the battery before so it was abit of an adventure.


    The instructions were well written even for a complete noob like me... though towards the middle I started to struggle a little bit so some instructional pictures would definitely be handy. All up it probably took me about 4 hours from start to finish, scrubbing and cleaning of wheels included.

    Every time I clean them I promise myself I will never again buy a bike with white rims. :/



    I didn't take many pictures during the actual install. The most difficult bit for me was getting the wires to go in those little orange wire 5 way connector thingo's. They just wouldn't go in happily so I figured I was doing something wrong. Eventually I decided to bypass them and just spliced all the wires together and placed it all neatly up under the seat. I didn't have a switch on hand so I wired it directly into the ignition but next week I'll pick one up just so I have the option there to turn them off or on.


    With the wiring and routing of it out of the way, the actual install of the lights and rim tape was an absolute breeze.





    As several others have noted, photo's don't do the rim lights justice. They're wild! I rode through a couple of smaller country towns on Saturday night and had people hanging out of their car windows at stop lights to look at them and gawking from the sidewalk as I cruised past. Ha. I got pulled over for an RBT and the policeman didn't mention the rims at all though he did look at them.

    Overall I think they look awesome! Discreet during the day and ultra cool at night.

    My only real issue was breaking up the installation instructions with some pictures at the not so easy points.

    I'd also be interested in the cost of replacement tape down the track, maybe to try out some different colours.

    Are there any care instructions/do's and do not's in regards to cleaning them?

    I've got some video footage from the swing arm camera and the like which is rendering at the moment so I'll hopefully have that up by tonight. :)
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  2. Hi Sheepy - that's a nice clean sweet looking 600 you have - the blue is a nice contrast on the white wheels that's for sure

    Nice to a see a Tron Girl :)

    to answer your questions - replacement tape can be purchased on its own for owners of the kit should they decide they want to change colours - no problem there at all

    The Aqua kit on your bike would have the off white tape more camouflaged against your white wheels during the day - I do like the blue against the white though personally

    In respect to cleaning them - I suggest that you do not leave degreaser or petroleum products etc on them for any length of extended time the tape is hardy and will stand up to normal washing etc

    I look forward to seeing the night time vids and pictures with great anticipation :)
  3. Nice work! Looks good.
  4. They're damn sexy I admit. Very tempted to buy some for my ZZR, but I'll be upgrading in February ... Hmmmm ...

    EDIT: Bugger it, I bought some. The missus will be inheriting my ZZR when I upgrade anyway so she can enjoy the shininess too! Send me my wheel kit Mr Takamii!
  5. it will be posted express tomorrow
  6. Beautiful! I'll pick up some new wheel weights to put inside the rim, seeing as I've got those outer rim ones now ...