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Molten RHOK Review on the Figtherblade

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by blocka, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Ok I was originally going to make this an install as well as review thread however due to already having wiring for a switch installed I'll focus more on a review.

    Am I happy with the kit: Yes totally
    Would I buy it: I would if looking for rim tape and concerned about safety.

    I wasn't sure on having anything other than red on my black bike but even with the system switched off I think these are really noticable and enhance the look of the fighterblade.
    With them switched on it is just incredible and I really need to get the DSLR out one night and get a photo of it lit up properly.

    Install took me a few hours over a couple nights and many beers and due to already having wiring and the tank off for a spark plug change it made the process a bit easier.

    Now for the good part, pictures and tips.

    Get the soldering iron hot while cleaning the wheels. If you're anything like me they probably haven't been cleaned properly for a while so Wax and Grease remover or Degreaser followed by some wheel cleaner and alot of elbow grease will be needed. Degreaser followed by the alcohol wipes for the swingarm/guards is something i would also recommend.

    Goes without saying but make sure you disconnect the battery

    You want that stuff

    to be gone and look clean like this, keen observers will also take note on mounting ideas.
  2. Mounting ideas

    Switch location, (lack of options on a fighter)

    Rim tape comparison

    Rim tape complete (not turned on)
  3. And the one you've been waiting for

    Bloody stoked. Can't thank Marinko (Takamii/RHOK) enough.
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  4. Thank you Issac
  5. Sorry it was a bit late, had a few personal things to deal with.
    Totally happy with the kit and proudly displaying and representing the Rhok brand
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