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Molly Meldrum in a bad way after fall from a ladder

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Not good news

  2. Thats not good.
  3. he aint as young as he used to be either
  4. That's terrible! :(
  5. Damn it ! That's 2 people now that I 'know' who have fallen off their roof in the past 3 days !!!! Time for people to stay on terra firma...
    Speedy recovery, Molly. You're a legendary Aussie icon mate (y)
  6. That sucks (no pun intended), hopefully he pulls through.
  7. Not what you want to hear. Get well Molly.
  8. I know I've been around a while but I grew up with Countdown and can remember sitting on the floor in our lounge room watching the first show on channel 2... it seriously changed the music industry in this country... hope you're on the mend Molly.
  9. Get well real soon molly x
  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Molly! Stooopid ladders!
  11. Hope he gets better really fast. Not good news at all.
  12. Don't know of the accuracy, but this morning on radio they said he was on ladder putting up chrissy decorations...
    Very common falls this time of the year with people not used to climbing up ladders putting up decorations...

    Take care out there everyone..

    Hope he recovers as his done more for musos and the industry in Aus and overseas than others in the industry...
  13. Crikey Molly, really hope you come out OK.

    Some more details:


    "He has extensive injuries ... fractured skull, and head injuries, shoulder blade injuries and also broken ribs and a punctured lung as well, so there's quite a bit of injury on the left side,'' Mr Klemens said.

    "He's not conscious at the moment but, as I say, he got through the night so that's a positive.

    "As with these sorts of injuries time is important and certainly the next 24 hours are important so I don't think there's going to be any significant change throughout the day."

    Mr Klemens said the next 24 hours would be crucial.Meldrum, long-time host of top-rating television pop/rock show Countdown, was found unconscious by his gardener before ambulance officers arrived at his Richmond, Victoria house at 6.40pm last night.

    It is believed Meldrum, 65, fell from a ladder while he was placing decorations on the roof in preparation for a Christmas party planned for Sunday.

    But Garry Spry, who has been Meldrum's friend since 1964, said Meldrum was putting up decorations around the upstairs spa at his home when he fell.

    Mr Spry said he believed Meldrum had fallen down a flight of stairs from the spa which is about 10ft above ground - not a ladder.

    Friends said he fell several metres, knocking his head on tiles and suffering broken ribs.

    Ambulance officers, including mobile intensive care paramedics, took Meldrum away in a critical condition.

    He underwent surgery late last night to relieve pressure on his brain.
  14. Nasty... someone should do something about those feral decorations. Maybe they ought to be taxed?