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Molded Earphones

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by bishreds, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    Just wondering if anyone would know a place in Melbourne where I can get some molded Earphones. I don't want to wait until Phillip Island to get them done as I miss riding with Music.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for that link Mate.
    Just made an appointment to get them done Tomorrow Night.
    $240. See how it goes.

  3. They are great, and should last forever. I don't regret mine at all.
  4. Almost.

    I've already had the electrical cable die at the plug dropping out the left channel.

    Pipes fall out of actual mold easily now, easy fix, but must be wary as not to lose a mold.

    Still baffles the fuk outta me wondering why they can't built the monitor into the mold rather then use a fukd air tube. If I don't wear a neck sock (i.e. anything more then a warm day) the wind traveling onto my neck hits the tubes and makes a fuk load of noise - almost as much as simply not wearing them - pointless.

    Word of a friend says there's a mob in the US that will build a set with twin monitors in the mold itself - very interested personally.

    Overall; why they aren't perfect, they are far better then not having them, if my current ones broke or got lost and I couldn't find a better alternative, I'd still fork out the money again for them.

    Edit; I ride a lot, at least 12 hours a week with them in commuting, plus what ever other medium - longish rides I do - they have had a lot of use.
  5. $350 US http://www.bigearinc.com/Products/powersports.aspx

    They were at the Syd expo late last year.
  6. The earmolds are a good product up to a point... if sound quality is important to you look elsewhere

    They are not a patch on the sound quality of a good pair of earbuds, however they are pretty durable, fit well and sound great to probably 90% of people. My only issue is that their high frequency response simply sucks due to the drivers being at the end of a curly air tube, anything over about 6k and they drop like a stone I think maybe earmold should experiment with something similar to what you linked Mouth, I can't see why a small earbud can't be moulded into the earmold
  7. I didn't buy them to be $250 headphones, I bought them because they would keep out the wind noise and I could listen to music or my GPS (also has an MP3 player) as well.

    Brownyy I agree totally with you about the noise when the tubes are exposed, and it drove me nuts the first time I wore them externally. I can live with the little you get when most is tucked into your jacket. I also wrapped the exposed bits, which helps a little but not completely.

    I'd love to see them come up with a model that got around that issue, but I don't know if I'd fork out another $100 on top... Then again, if it's worth $1 a day it's paid off in a year...
  8. I couldn't make the appointment last night. Sick Girlfriend, kept me home from the Learner Ride as well.
    Anyway, since I've read the comments, I'm having second thoughts on getting one. But I just can't seem to find alternatives.
    $250 is a hefty investment but one I thought would solve everything. Block out Wind noise and allow me to hook up my iTouch. Sheesh. Decisions. Decisions.
  9. @Mouth: Mate I can't seem to upload an Avatar to my Profile. It just says "cannot save file". Any clue as to why that would happen?
  10. As long as you keep most of the tubes covered (ie inside jacket) they're fine.
  11. +1 to this. I never get wind noise with mine because I run the tubes inside my jacket.
  12. Problem is, I commute in my textile jacket, and rarely do it up right to the chin.

    The monitors sit in the middle of my torso, so the bulk of the air tubes are exposed when not wearing a neck sock.

    Me still thinks monitors in the mold itself would be super duper shit hot, like the ones linked, but in AU.
  13. Then why not get a decent $50 set of inner-ear monitors that would block just as much noise? Can't understand it, personally.

    Noise-reduction earphones from comply (not noise cancelling)
  14. I already tried that solution Lilley. I have some Sennheiser ones that were not cheap, but do the noise reduction beautifully. The only problem is that after half an hour they hurt my ears - even more so under the helmet. I've worn the earmold ones for hours at a time without any discomfort at all.
  15. Yeah, I've never found any that performed the noise reduction as well as molded plugs, or that stayed as comfortable for as long under the helmet. Most earphones have the bulk outside the line of the ear, whereas the Earmolds sit more or less flush, with only the flexible tube protruding.
  16. I agree, I have a pair of Shures which sound brilliant...but they are uncomfortable and are easy to dislodge...the earmolds stay put and are VERY comfortable
  17. Not sure what their earphone are like, but I have a set of moulded ear plugs from Hearlink and they are great. Very comfortable and cut down on a lot of noise.

    Here is a link to their headphone product:

  18. I've got a pair of high-end Sennheiser earphones and I love them. In-ear, blocks out noise and the sound is brilliant. BUT I tried them on with my Helmet on, and I just couldn't get them to stick. I wear them and put the Helmet on, and they come off. Frustrating.

    My mate has these Sennheiser ones. He wears them with the Helmet and he reckons they work perfect and are comfy:

    Btw, I'm still contemplating the Molded ones.