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Mold release :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I got a set of fresh Pilot Powers fitted today as the last set had a really bad quality canvas that offered fcuk all grip in any condition :grin:

    Pick up the bike, jump on, repeated 86 times the 2 words that one should

    **new tyres**
    **new tyres**
    **new tyres**
    **ne.........you get the idea.

    Ride out onto the road, take off very very gingerly, whooshka, the back wants a closer look at the front.

    Slam the left leg down, fight the 240kg bronco.....(Go the Broncos!!!!! :oops: sorry :p) managed to keep the thing upright.

    WOW!!!!! Never copped that before after a new set of tyres.
    The traffic lights ahead were only about 4 car lengths away and thankfully the lights were red and I had a minute to convince the pooper to stop puckering.

    Look down at the rear wheel and it is the shiniest tyre I have ever ever seen fitted to a motorcycle.

    Checked the front, it's no better.

    Lights go green, take the right hander really really really fcuken slow and straighten up, roll on the throttle and the rear starts to spin up. FFS!!!!!!!

    For the next 300 meters, I'm cracking the throttle full open and it's spinning up until It grips and throws the front in the air.....

    Right, we now have straight line grip, yay!!!!!!

    Each and every time I have had tyres fitted to my bikes the fitters usually, whist the wheel is still on the balancing machine, they spin it up and use "Tar & Grease remover" to wipe the tyres as they are spinning.
    This removes the majority of teh mold release compound off the tyre and you don't get the "I'm riding on ice" feeling.

    The tyres were fitted by BMW Southbank. It is the first time I have used this stealership to fit tyres but it won't be the last.

    They were cheaper than Treads and Things in Ringwood (Metro's offshoot), by $3, cheaper than Bob Jane Elizabeth by $18 even with the Netrider discount.
    BMW SB charged me retail price, I didn't ask for a discount, nor did I use any other means to get a better price.

    I was surprised at how competitive they were.

    I'll call them tomorrow and ask why they don't buff them with G&T remover.
  2. I was worried when i got my new rear pilot power but it was fine, glad it was nothing like yours as iused the macquarie pass to scrub it in withing 1/2 an hour of getting it, due for a new front soon and will probably be a lot more careful there, Glad you kept it up, i know the feeling of trying to hold a heavy bike up suddenly, due to gravel on my roads it isnt pleasant
  3. Shit dude :shock:

    Same here. I've never ever felt like I had any less grip than normal after having new tyres fitted. Damn lucky you didn't lose it.
  4. +1
    I was that paranoid when I had new rubber fitted, I wiped both my tyres down with 'thinners'. It may have taken a a few hundred klms of the tyres, but it worked a treat :p
  5. Go watch the solo's at the speedway, ride like that for a while, ???, profit.
  6. Been there done that! Rode home in the pi$$ing rain and just let the thing spin in a straight line I must have looked like a total idiot trying to keep the bike upright and turn corners. Doesn't the grip come on in a hurry though :shock: .
    Glad it all did not end in tears, how do you like the tyres now you have had them for a bit?
  7. They are my 6th or 7th set of PP's I swear by them. Once up to temp they stick like the proverbial.

    I ran MEZ3 Racing on the SP1 as they were OEM and they were great in the dry but average in the wet.

    They then changed their name to M1 Sportecs and I decided to try a pair of Pilot Powers, never looked back.
  8. Wish I had read this when you posted it as I rarely get into these threads/section. May* have saved me some anguish. Good to see you had your wits and strength to hold her up Vic.

    *May being the operative word, I should've taken better care in my situation.
  9. Yea I Had 4-5 sets and really liked them the 2ct's were even better and held on in the wet.
  10. That happened to me last time I had new tyres, too (first time I had new ones on the FJ1200) - wasn't as bad as your experience though!

    Regarding price and whatnot, Pedro's in Mulgrave are competitive and very old-school in service and operation. Highly recommended for future tyre changes - the guys go out of their way to help out (have even given me a tow for free after copping a nastly flat last year).
  11. Yeah I know Pablos, problem I had was that I rode into work for 2 days with the canvas exposed* ;)

    I needed them in a hurry as you may guess and Pablos is slightly further and more of an inconvenience with dropping it off and picking it up during work hours.
  12. I thought that might be the case as I wrote that. Oh well :)

    Just another thing to chalk up to experience! Glad you kept it together.
  13. Oh just a quick tip for those running powers- they are very thin in the case and puncture/fracture easily when the tread gets down :wink:
    Edit: terminology
  14. Ring Michy and say hello.

    There motto is knee down first corner :LOL:
  15. ...but BMW riders dont actually corner past 5 degrees, do they?
  16. Don't confuse BMW riders with those that ride K bikes ;)
  17. No, not all... K bikes are TOUGH and MUSCULAIR, with the right amount of CLASS and SEXINESS... Just like a german middle age bodybuilding accounting executive, that has just the right amount of chest hair, and is never quite clean shaven.. Mmmmnm, chest hair...
  18. They're impossible to confuse at all, because they know everything - just ask them :roll: :p
  19. DELETE, DELETE! Oh no, my reputation is ruined...
  20. Try riding with a couple of guys on GS's - or ask the people on sports bikes that were passed on the inside at a track day a year or so back by a couple of GS1200's (the thread is somewhere on here) :LOL: