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Moisture wicking shirts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by locusm, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. I can't personally, I use a psycleskins suit from SBTG which is great.

    I know heaps and heaps of riders in the US use the underarmour gear though.
  2. funny you should mention this. I cant give a personal endorsement, but wife and I were visiting a friend on the bikes recently and mentioned that it was very hot in all the gear as we stripped down on arrival. The friend immediately suggested these moisture wicking shirts as she uses them for hiking and says they are great. She didnt mention the brand she uses, but was a strong endorsement of the concept.
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  4. Any sort of compression gear will do
  5. I've recently started wearing skins under my leathers and couldn't believe the difference they make.

    When stationary I find that I still get quite hot, but as long as I'm moving and getting a bit of breeze through the vents in my leathers they're awesome!
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  6. As above. I just got some skins for under my leathers. They are great!

    I'm also a runner. The difference between normal cotton shirts and proper moisture wicking shirts is night and day. Normal shirts soak up the sweat, but it stays there, becomes heavy, sticks to you, doesn't breath, you get more hot. Wicking shirts stay cool, dry and light.
  7. So whats more effective? The compression ones or is the same material in a loose fitting tee-shirt just as effective on a bike?
  8. I wear skins under my leathers.
    The comfort is great. They are warm enough on the cooler days.
    While I question that this 'compression' clothing actually does anything beneficial they are a good addition to my riding gear.
  9. compression ones are good under leathers and make it easier to get the leathers on and off. a loose t-shirt would be awkward. loose is OK under ordinary riding gear (ie not tight leathers). I wear a looser wicking t shirt under my textiles.
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  10. I ordered a microweave Polo from ebay and after reading this thread bought another Coolmax one from the same. Will put them to the test.
  11. Been wearing the Under Armour now for a few days in Brisbane heat, I got the non compression ones which are a close fit.
    Very comfortable, I usually dont like close fitting tees but these things are very light.
    In terms of how effective these shirts are, for me there is a reduction in that clammy feeling I get after riding in Queensland heat. The amount of sweat on my skin is reduced too even wearing a backpack (reducing venting).
    Once I get the new Kriega mounted it should make things even better for the commute.
  12. I've been wearing aldi compression gear for a while. Heaps better than an old tshirt.