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Moisture in the speedo help!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by roysrun, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. HI there everyone,

    Got caught in a bit of a storm the other day and im guessing a bit of water got into the speedo. Its not that big a deal but i cant really see my k's or the temp of my bike which is a hassle because I've got no fuel indicator and I need to count the km's anyone no of any tricks to get the moisture out?

  2. take apart the instrument cluster and clean it and have a stab at sealing any parts that can be safely sealed to prevent further issues?(i.e. - can be sealed without sealing the unit permanently shut so you can't open it again)
  3. If you've got a frost-free fridge try chucking it in there, they work rather well as a dehydrator.
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  4. As jd said, or bury it in a canister of rice ( this trick also works sometimes for mobile phones that fail swimming lessons )
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  5. Sachets of silica gel will extract moisture. I had a friend revive a soaked iPhone by putting it in a sealed bag with a couple of these.
  6. Hahaha, I saw the topic title and thought it was about budgie-smugglers and sweaty undercarriages. Forgot I was on a bike forum for a minute there.

    Back on topic, I've heard that rice is good for drawing moisture out of mobile phones if you drop them in water. I wonder if that would work for the speedo?
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  7. try old school way ,park your bike in the sun on a hot day ,,but realy get to know you bike ,keep it topped up with fuel ,if you can smell your bike its running hot ,what do you think motor bike riders have been doing for over 100 years ,before speedo and temp lights on a bike
  8. The mind boggles as to what other forums you have been on Gobber :bolt:
  9. I was looking for advice about a rash, alright? :p
  10. Keep it away from heat, you will wreck it more. JD has it, aircons are also a great way to do it too. If you can have it just below the aircon and the air passing over it, the moisture will get sucked out quite quickly.
    If not put it in a big paper bag and in the fridge or freezer and it will dry overnight

  11. Appreciate the help guys i work for a place that does drinks might park it in the fridge for the day or is that to long.

    Did you fix your rash
  12. Yep. I switched from sluggoes to boardies :)
  13. Depends how cold the fridge is. But my bike used to spend many nights parked in sub-zero temperatures without doing it any harm, just makes it a little more temperamental to get started since cold fuel is harder to vapourise (and makes the tank f*&king cold on your legs).
  14. Just park in the sun. If it got in once, it'll get in again.