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Mohammed's taxi ! . . . lol

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I ride cabs daily in the CBD, usually going from office to site and for meetings. I thought i've met all the different types of taxi drivers around, all of having a different story to tell, quirkiness and experts in how the country should be run . . . . . . but this morning, I got into Mohammed's Silver Service Ford LTD. :grin:

    And wow !! . . wasn't I impressed ! :eek:
    Check out his urban assault vehicle mobile field communications Battlefield accessories !


    Mohammed did not mind me taking a photo. I told him he was fully-sic and a busy man must have all the proper tools to do his work properly ! :LOL:
    He had 4 mobile phones, UHF handheld, CB Radio, 2 DVD screens, GPS and the usual taxi comms equipment.

    I should of asked him if I can look at the retractable RPG-7 launcher in the boot ! . . . ah, next time !

  2. well if you're going to be stuck in a cage all day... :cool:
  3. If one one those gadgets begin to 'countdown'

    :shock: GET OUT !!! :p
  4. Or look to see if they are filming the Aussie version of "24"!

    " Jack Bauer escapes mad extremists disguised as sydney cabbies after being driven all over town...."

    Mmmmmmm hang on..... how would we pick which ones were the baddies and which were cabbies????? :p
  5. Well that explains why they veer into other lanes without any warning and without looking then doesn't it

    Geez, like they need any other distractions - they have a hard enough time keeping their eyes on the road as it is :roll:
  6. Word.
  7. Second job as a mobile drug dealer???
  8. He doesn't know how to spell compensation, but he can certainly define it.
  9. any one remember monty pythons little old lady sketch...


    that guy is probably solely responsible for all traffic jams and near misses south of the bridge.

    that and the amazing phenomenon, as soon as you decide you want a cab you can never find one, despite that you've seen three on every corner leading up to that point