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mogo to the island - the redeye run

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. well, here is a little self indulgent thread that i am going to update (cause i got a fancy turbomodem) over the next few (8-10) hours as i make my way to mexico, and the motoGP.
    time is now 12:30am, the car is packed, and im off to the bay to fill up with diesel then look out mexico...here i come! :grin:
    i'll take snaps as i go, where i stop and update you on how to mismanage sensible driving and driver fatigue :LOL:

    time to hit the road!
  2. have a good trip.

    The best type of management is MISS management.

    Preferably the type of Miss with a short skirt and huge wah wahs.
  3. [​IMG]

    official departure was 1:30am
    i went to fill up in town, and realised that i had left some vital stuff at home.
    so far, 196kms and im in eden.
    i am sure eden cringed when it smelt a netrider approaching ;) :LOL:

    anyway, cant stop, gotta keep going!
  4. [​IMG]

    438kms and i am at lakes entrance, all is well.
    a wombat gave me a bit of a fright, but i missed him by a mile. other than that (touch wood) smooth sailing.

    lucky i hurt my back, stopped manual labour and put on a few pounds.....its farken cold here in victoria :shock: my laser-temperature-ometer says 6 fricken degrees!!
  5. You are due for a stop, pull over and give me a happy snap :grin:
  6. too right i was pat!

    needed to add some food to the equation :LOL:

    and that sign is makin' me thirsty :(

    sale-ing along nicely :roll:
    except it is taking all the discipline i can muster to stick to the speed limit down here :? :twisted:
  7. WOW Joel

    are you here yet??
    are you even awake?


  8. Too keen mate, too keen :p.

    Probably a good thing you didn't ride if you're still cold in the car :shock:!
  9. plenty awake :grin:

    im at a beach somewhere b4 wonthaggi :?
    going by feel, with no map/s has its downfalls :LOL:
    this is where i am :rofl:
  10. see ya tomorrow Joel :p

  11. made it (half hour ago)
    took nearly 45 mins to get to the island from san remo :mad:
    but, im here :woot:

    now for a little nap, before the beer begins :grin:
  12. night night Joel

    I would invite people around this side of town after the GP
    but I am contagious with some bug

    but if anyone wants some days off
    come on over :grin:

    Glad to see you got down here in one piece Joel

  13. and home again :grin:

    "joel's 50 hour motogp experience"

    i know, i have issues :LOL:
  14. Now its time for that well earned sleep
    Well at least with no one bashing on your windows
  15. Very cool mate, gotta love NextG :wink:
  16. You really should go from Nowa Nowa to Bairnsdale via Bruthen, I think it's slightly longer BUT less towns to go through to slow you down and a much better run as well as saves quite a bit of time.
  17. That's heaps cool Joel!! Well done! :grin:
  18. good onya joel! that was funny :LOL: