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Mods Vs Rockers: edit, Quadrophenia content inside

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by tristan82, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I'm Cruisin up King William heading into Victoria square. Plodding up to the red light, everyone's trundling in, tickling their brakes ever so gently. Then some fcuktard in a scooter comes bombin up along side me and chops me up to get into the bicycle lane. There would have been half a wheel length between his rear light and my front tyre. I stop behind the first car in the line, steam shooting out of my ears.
    The light goes green and he fires out of his bike lane, all the time looking back at my rapidly fogging up visor.

    This is war.
  2. To lighten up the mood, anyone see that movie the other night on ABC? mods Vs rockers movie set to a Who sound track. Sting had a crome vespa he did.
  3. Lay off the dope man, that shite isn't good for your health.
  4. ok ok im off the drugs. but the movie was called Quadrophenia and focuses more on the mods and their scooters rather than the rockers and their bikes.

    However, you need to check it out, the heavily decorated scooters are unreal
  5. Quadrophenia! I love that film but didn't see it advertised :(

    I used to live in Brighton in the UK so know a lot of the spots it was filmed at. Great movie, soundtrack and some hilarious lines :)

  6. Great movie. Great quality cinematography for 1979. I only flicked over to it as the mods were brawling with the rozzers in Brighton. But enjoyed watching the rest of it.

    I lived in Worthing, just down the road so visited it often. Great to see familiar sights.
  7. A torrent can be found on the net if you're so inclined...
  8. Great movie. May we dream of a day when people with too many mirrors can coexist peacefully with those that have too much grease in their hair.

    I love it all, but I prefer the rocker bikes and the mod fashion. Does this make me a Mocker or a Rod?

    Roh (asking the big questions)