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mods to exhaust systems gpx250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jedda, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. hey all was wondering if u remove the rivets at the back of the exhaust can u insert a louder system into the original pipes or can you modify the insert to make it louder without loosing power or back pressure
    id like to know this so i don't have to change the whole system and still keep it looking original

    lay rubber on the rd not your skin
  2. you would have a hard time doing that.
    The inside is metal plates/baffles. (at least on older gpx's)

    and the rivets dont hold anything
  3. As Zbike mentioned, removing the rivets will do nothing. You can either drill exhaust like this...


    But it might be noticeable to the cops... you could drill directly into the baffle which be more discret. Or you can just remove the entire baffle...[/img]
  4. As always, take a pipe roughly the size of the hole in your exhaust, and bash it down into the exhaust pipe. This will 'de-baffle' the bike and make it a fair bit louder.
  5. re gpx exhaust

    thanks for all your replys and to v-petn have to ask how does it sound good or bad note cos i can do this easy cos my secton there is black and a drill is handy and does it affect power of the bike doing this would like to know before i do it lol
  6. re exhaust mod

    hey all just to let you know i did end up drilling out the riverts and mad those holes bigger and the final resualt is the pipes are louder and not a bad tone either at that and yesterday i went past a cop and guess what nothing happened lol they didnt come after me lol which is a good thing
    ona another note well i got more power now from it it gets up to 160 faster now not like before lol ok all thanks for your help

    lay rubber on the rd not your skin :grin:
  7. LOL @ more power.

    Seriously though, remove the baffle. It's cheap (free) and will make the exhaust flow better. The note will be louder, and you will get a small increase in HP (maybe 1/2 a HP ... LOL)
  8. re exh mod

    pls dont laugh im serious i was shocked too its louder and got more power so im all good now and yes it was 160 when i looked down at speedo i was shocked like u wouldnt believe so i gather it does work