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Mods to an oldie.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outactrl, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Well the boss put her foot down last night.
    The money i had put aside for my 600 is mine no more.
    With a little 13month old girl with a few medical problems, we can afford the risk of upgrading my Spada just yet in case we need the money for her. Which is fair enough.

    Obviously I still need to maintain her.
    “What’s that dear, yes, it does look like surface rust on the exhaust, but its actually worse that it looks, I need a new exhaust system”

    So my question, "what to get done?" Most people don’t even bother to do mods as you would just bet a bigger bike. But for now I cant.

    If anyone could throw some suggestions I would be thankful.
    Exhaust is the first thing I thought of, a little extra power and a better note would be great, but who from (in Melb) remember im not loaded with cash, so don’t recommend a nice carbon system for the bargain price of $1500

    Thanks again guys.
    Ride well..
  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Bikes can wait but family always comes first flameproof suit on
    Much as you may want to upgrade your bike, you can always take comfort in the fact that you own one of the best 250s ever made double checks flameproof suit

    Hope some better luck comes your families way!
  3. Is the rust on the exhaust or the muffler.

    You could pick up a muffler from a wreckers and adapt it to your pipes, if they are ok.

    If the rust on the pipes is only surface, then you could take to a chrome plater to blast etc and replate
  4. Or sell the bike!!! (to me)
  5. the rust is just a slight haze, it buffs off with no worries,

    What i was saying is that she wont know the diffencence, and if i say it needs to be replaced, she will just agree with me. even thou its fine, this way i get a new system.

    But one thing i have notivced about the spada is that the exhaust comes off the engine in two places, (twin V) go's under nearth to a thing that looks like a cataletic converter (muffler) then from there out the back of the bike to the circular muffler, do i really need two mufflers? i notice current bikes just hace the circular one at the rear of the bike.

    think i will have it removed so the system gos from the engine- straight out to the rear exhaust. the current way seems like it would hinder a little power.

    anyone know better please speak up..
  6. Sorry scootergal76,
    For now i need her, or do you want me to sell you my daughter??
  7. haa haa :D
    I still enjoy freedom. :p

    Anyway wish her will get well soon.
  8. You could try some DIY like this.

    DIY 1 and DIY 2

    You can even give your hacked exhaust a shiny new coat to make them look new by getting them plated.
  9. Hey Outactrl, just remember that 250's are relatively overpriced in the market because of learner rules.
    You might be able to get an older "big" bike for about the same as you could get for your Spada, if you look around.
    Just a thought.
  10. thanks Titus
    unfortunatly for me i already factured that in.
    im looking for a 97-98 CBR600F at around $6500-7000
    the spada i have is in great condition, so i should get about $3K - $3.5K

    there are a few out there, (CBR's) but the way my wife looks at it is,
    "thats still $3500 we have to spend when we dont really need to"
    She doenst understand, its like a slong thing, or a TV thing, no mater how big it is, a little bigger is always better.

    i know whats going to happen, i will change the exhaust, then a little here and a little ther, then i would have spent 3500 and still have a 250.
    Not that there is anything wrong with 250's!!!
  11. Mate, how old is your Spada?
    Gotta be older than '97.
    All I'm saying is, you can't have what you want (97-98 CBR) but you might get what you need for $3-3.5K.
    Say a late 80s/early 90s sports bike, with low K's. Thinking GPZ/X, FZ, that sort of thing.
    You said it. Bigger is better. :)
  12. oh yeah, the spada is older than 97.
    see link (not my actual bike)

    thanks for the tip on the GPZ/X but i think i'll stick with the 250. till i can get the go ahgead to spen the $3.5 then sell my bike and i will have around 6.5 thats will get me the 600 i want, just have to wait a bit, but until then as i said, Time to Modify!!
  13. outcry ,
    simplest way to get advise on the exshaust is come into coffee so it can be seen and then people can give you some constructive advise (not saying the above isnt constructive) , but when you can see it its easier to to give you some simple options