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Mod's to a Hyosung GT250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Parko82, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Gday guys.
    I'm new to the forums and completely new to motorcycle riding basically. I've been dreamin of gettina bike for like 5 years now and i'm finally biting the bullet and gettin a Hyo GT250.

    I was just wondering what mods some of you guys out there might suggest or have done to your own bike?
    Any info will be appreciated. And detailed answers on the affects of mod's made would be great as i'm pretty much total noob and have little to no idea :LOL:

    Thanks all! :grin: :grin:
  2. If ur getting a new one i would hesitate about doing any mods.
    There is a Hyosung specif forum somewhere that will be a good resource.

    update here ya go http://www.korider.com/forum/index.php
    as with all bikes sports exhust 600$ (sounds nice)for the Gt and braided lines (not realy needed for a noob)

    If the bike is 2nd hand i would recoomend a debaffle, the exhust looks like it can come apart real easy

    btw GTX looks hot

    2nd BTW BUY MY GT650
  3. Thanks mate. Yeah i found that site just after i posted actually. Good site. I'll be gettin a new 250 with howler muffler (bout $550 i think) so sorry i cant take ya up on the offer :LOL:

    Thanks for the reply. Ive posted on tha hyosung site but would also like to know from you guys...

    What do you guys think of Motul oil? I work in an auto parts store that sells it and ive heard it's sposed to be popular with bikers. Just wonderin if anyone uses/recommends it? Bloody expensive stuff though!
  4. Guna get ready for the flames but i rember someone sayin u can use fully synthetic car oil in bikes. motul 5100 55 bucks 4 liters ouch.
  5. I wouldn't be if the bike shares the sump with the engine and gearbox, rather use the bike stuff that's made for that.
  6. Well most problems with putting car oil in bikes is they affect the clutch cause of certain additives to car oils. The some will say (an di tend to agree) that new fully synthetic oils do not have these additives and are therfore bike safe.
  7. What the heck is that!!?? :grin: :) :eek:
    It can't be a Hyosung!