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Mods on a CB400

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I intend to hold on to my CB400 for a while yet and want to alter the riding position to a more leaning forward sporty riding position. I have no back worries but at the same time must be suitable for street riding. Still on restrictions for another year.

    There are so many choices out there I'm not sure which to go for. The only thing I do know is after undoing the triple clamp and pulling the stock bars to myself and lowering them found out that the tip of the bar would touch the tank at full lock and I also couldn't use the key lock function. So regardless of what clipon or bar I go for it mustn't touch the tank lock to lock and I want to keep the key lock feature. Don't want my arms open like a parachute either and preferably bars not wider than 28-29". My bars are 7/8" and forks are 41mm. The options I have so far found are as follows:
    Honda CB1
    Drag Bar
    Low Rise Drag Bar
    Superbike Handle Bar
    Driven Low Bar Handle Bar
    Clubman Low Flanders

    Seen a few threads here of people making these changes on their bikes and the end result looked good. I don't require anything higher/taller than the stock bars so the stock cables should suffice for this modification and if anything can reroute the throttle cable. My only dilemma is tank clearance, lock feature and street rideability.
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  2. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    I'm also considering this for my Gladius.
    I think I prefer the Clubman M bars route. as it gives an almost clip on feel but makes use of the handlebar mounting points on the top triple (we can't remove ours if we use clip ons so it would annoy me just having them still there unused)
  3. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    theres a set of ace bars on ebay now 7/8 inch,,,start price 10 bucks
  4. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    With my old CX500 it was possible to flip the standard bars upside down so they dropped down instead of up, is the possible with your current bars?
  5. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    I got put on to a brand of clip on's called 'Tingate' - made here in Victoria,

    They do different styles that can alleviate the old 'my thumb just got crushed on the tank' issue.

    If you go to the motorciclo website...


    ...you can see them, I am getting a pair of the half rise clip on's for my bike.
  6. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Or, if you've money to burn, find a set of "Jota" bars. They're fully adjustable in all planes so you can play around with them until you're comfortable and they clear everything. Pricey though.
  7. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Just went and picked up below set of clipons. Will post pics after installation.
    While I was there also got a set of LSL footpegs installed.
    Thanks for the 2 great recommendations guys as they are good. Might make use of either in the future.
    While picking up below clipons we unscrewed my stock bars and I tried on various lsl clubman style handle bars while they have clearance from the tank from lock to lock they are much wider than stock and stick out the sides too much for my liking. The grips end up being 3 to 4 inches wider then where they are stock. Because you can't remove the top of your triple clamp and as it will annoy you, would me too bars might be better.
    There was indeed a good price.
    It is possible but then we have clearance issues and don't have full range of movement from lock to lock.
  8. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Good topic.

    I recently faced the same decision between clip ons or lower bars. I ended up going to Renthal Ultra lows over my Hyosung GT250's standard bars, while i have been happy i think id like to go down lower again to clip ons so i will be watching this thread closely.

    Here are some photos from when i swapped from OEM bars to the Renthals.



    The swap

    OEM with the Renthals


    I have been looking at different clip ons but im looking forward to how you go with the new bars, post up some photos for me please :)
  9. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    I deliberated far too long over clipons or handlebars and in the end had to pull the trigger and get a move on it. Rode to a shop whom carry a variety of clipons and handlebars. First up we undid the triple clamp on my bike and then started mock fitting various handlebars to see how much of a lean was gained and if it cleared the tank from lock to lock. Regardless of which handlebars we put on it a) was wider than stock which would hinder the width of the bike and b) were making me open my arms up wider than I would of liked. The bike has an 18L fuel tank so it is a meaty tank and with narrow handlebars we ended up having clearance issues from lock to lock.

    In the end went for a nice set of 41mm Gilles Tooling clipons. Bike will be dropped off to the shop over the weekend as I'll be going interstate to get them fitted amongst other things so as not to have any downtime as it's my daily ride.

    Samuel I know what you mean by wanting to go lower cause I tried on a similar set of bars to yours but didn't satisfy me in what I was after. On the plus will be getting rid of the triple clamp and the dash will be clutter free on the minus as per your swap pic there will now be 4 screw holes showing which will need to somehow be covered.

    I'll post pics for you and others of before, progress and after stages.
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  11. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Thanks for the recommendation Brmmm. Just bought a set of clipons for the bike and will have them fitted soon. The width is in between the wide bars like yours and the standard.
  12. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Mate i've got a glad with 7 degree 41mm Vortex clip ons, one of the best things to be done to the bike. Phenomenal difference to how you ride the bike, highly recommend.
  13. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Just picked the bike up and rode around and the thing has completely been transformed. It feels like learning how to ride all over again which I kind of like.

    I wanted to do it once and do it right. In the end I didn't want to achieve a half satisfactory outcome so went with clipons. We put the stock plastic grips back on as the driven d3 grip on the stock handlebar wouldn't come off due to loctiting it. I'll be looking in to maybe some progrip grips and some decent bar ends. I need to take it for a longer ride to see if the vibration is unbearable but from the few rides I did today it wasn't so bad. If so will get some bar ends too. Had ordered a cheap set of ebay mirrors as well but they are wide for my liking so will leave them there till I settle for something I like maybe like these. Will post pics later.

    The end position is probably not recommended for older people or people in general with back pain.

    I wouldn't mind somehow converting the empty space left by the removal of the triple clamp in to a mini storage area or if not putting a carbon fibre sticker on it to cover the exposed screw holes.
  14. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    You could get a stainless steel plate made up with four holes that line up and then mount it using four stainless steel button head allen key bolts. I did this to my triple and fitted the warning lights in the plate.
  15. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    There's only 2 holes left exposed which doesn't look too bad. I'll take a pic and post later. Maybe you can give me ideas of what to do as you seem to be good at this stuff.
  16. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400


    Will be very interesting to see how you go on one of your longer rides...
    Even with no back issues, the forward riding position will test you...
  17. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Hey Joe

    I know it's going to test me as my mechanic said the same I like tests and looking forward to it. Thruout my teens while working at the local supermarket I couldn't believe the amount of people my age and younger having back pains applying for compo etc due to incorrect lifting technique of boxes. After that I promosed myself that wouldn't happen to me and worked my ass off at gym to strengthen my lower back. After all these years looks like it has paid off.

    While coasting to the traffic lights not holding the bars sitting upright I went back down to hold the bars but was clutching at thin air and thought where are the bars as they have moved forward but my brains still used to the stock setup.
  18. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Aha - I can see where the problem stems from...

    BTW - a photo of the finished set up would be nice.
  19. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400

    Before (2008 CB400 revo with stock handlebars):
    After (2008 CB400 revo with gilles tooling 41mm clipons):
    As you've also described in your bike thread the difference between stock and above setup is huge. Stock was fairly upright sport tourer style where the rider is on the bike but this way is leaning forward enough to make the rider feel at one with the bike. I'll post more after going on a few lengthy rides.
    Sorry for the late pics but I was parted from my iPhone for a while.
  20. Re: Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400


    The rear view from the red ebay mirrors is poor. In the interim will revert back to the stock ones till I find something I like maybe like these
    As this is a daily ridden street bike we opted to put the clipons on top of the fork next to the triple clamp otherwise we were going to put them below.