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Mods for my CBR600RR '08 - updated with pics(inc DYNO chart)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Omarko, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. #1 Omarko, Dec 29, 2008
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    hi guys

    I would like to upgrade my exhaust and install a PC3 on my CBR600RR '08

    Being a newb, I am looking for advice where can I source cheapest parts.

    I found this website - www.SuperbikeSupply.com.au and I attempted to contact them couple weeks ago but got no reply which is not very encouraging.

    Can someone recommend a reliable store (walk in shop or online) where I can get a Jardine dual exhaust (like the one here - [media=youtube]k3vi8Zpm-EQ[/media] ) and the PC3 ? Alternatively if there are better options for the slip on (I just liked the sound of the Jardine one from the few youtube clips I watched) , can you recommend another one ?


  2. There is a shit load cheaper places around than superbike supply and there customer service aint that good.

    Go shopping around and see what deals they can do for ya, I know prices just went up around 10% tho.

    I highly recommend Jardine pipes great quility product and sound tits, had a RT-one titanium on my old 600RR and now have one on my gixxer 750.

    Not a big fan of the carbon fibre pipes tho as they tend to go brown and crack around the outlets. Not just on the Jardines either.

    If ya you gunna go with PC111 you are also going to have to get a filter aswell either K&N or BMC both worth the money, normally around the $100 mark, troll ebay can sometimes pick up a bargain there aswell.

    Once ya have all your parts together get it all installed at once and it will need to be professionally tuned on a dyno so bike dont run like crap.
  3. awesome, thanks very much for advice ...

    I'll start shopping around for the parts and in the meantime, also start looking for a good bike shop that can install it all for me in one hit (also need to put the oggy knobs I bought on, might as well do it all at the same time)

    If anyone has an recommendations for reputable shops with a dyno, please let me know. cheers
  4. Try this place mate, sorry didnt post link to it last night couldnt for the life of me remeber the site name.

    They do it all

  5. thanks for the link buddy !
  6. Based on popular opinion on the 600RR forum some of the best exhausts are akrapovic, arrow and leo vince. Your looking at about $1100 for a slip-on if buying from a dealer.

    I've got the same bike as you and im looking at the carbon fibre Leo Vince slip-on. I have seen it for as low as $850 AU delivered from some reputable shops in the states.

    If I was you I'd install at least the slip-on myself. They come with instructions and the installation is quite easy if your even slightly mechanically inclined. Just that will save you around $100-$200.
  7. hey

    thanks for the input ... can you let me know where are you buying it from ?

    I had a look at Akrapovic also but I liked the sound of Jardine more. I will have a look into Leo Vince.

    and no probs installing it by myself ... should be easy from what I've seen so far
  8. thanks, I sent them an email.
  9. what do you guys reckon about how the some of the aftermarket pipes stick out the back a bit compared to the stock ones?
  10. Well I know the Jardine sticks out a bit as does the Yoshimura and the Two Brothers models.
    Personally Im not a fan.

    I really like the Akrapovic and Leo Vince slipons. They both do not stick out more than the stock can.

    I will most likely get the Leo Vince soon.
  11. yeah that one looks good
  12. I've got the Akra full race system and PWC3 on mine. Got both from http://www.morepowerracing.com/ for about $1500 AUD delivered while the exchange rate was a fair bit better about 8-9 months ago. Sounds awsome in my opinion! :grin:

    BTW has anyone here added an aftermaket slipper clutch to their 07/08 CBR 600RR? If so what brand and how much did it cost you? Would be helpful coming into Lukey Heights! :LOL:
  13. dont mean to nit pick mate

    This is the Leo Vince slip on for the 08 600rr titanium w carbon out let


    Leo Vince full carbon


    Be expecting to pay from 1000 to 2000 dollar mark for 1.

    They aint cheap.

    I was looking at one for my old 04 and thats the figures I was looking at.

    Got a mate who works at a Honda dealership in parts, can ask him to get a price for you.
  14. I can get the full carbon slipon for $850AU delivered.
  15. Thats bloody cheap for a full carbon. be snapin that up.
  16. yeah I emailed them and waiting for reply ... if its $850 AUD delivered for the carbon slip on, I will most likely order it.

    btw that white CBR looks bloody hot ... I haven't seen them here in AU.
  17. so far no reply from that US shop ...

    but I got a decent quote from a local shop:

    *Leo vince pipe in tie is $1050.00
    * Power Commander $550.00
    * Air filter K&N $110.00
    * Remap $450.00
    * Fitting $336.00

    Package Price =$2000.00

    I might grab it ...
  18. I get really quick replies from them when I PM them through the 600RR forum.