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Modifying riding position

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jd, May 29, 2006.

  1. Still trying to decide on possibilities for my next bike and have come to the conclusion that what I really want is something of a "cafe racer" style bike - basically a naked sportsbike (which few manufacturers seem to offer). Looked at the possibility of getting a sportsbike and removing the fairings but as someone on here pointed out generally what's under the plastic is best left hidden.
    So I'm basically wondering what would be involved in changing the upright riding position of something like a 600cc Bandit or Hornet into something more closely resembling that of a fully-faired sportsbike. Is it possible to simply use the rearsets/clip ons from another bike or are aftermarket parts the only/best option? And how much is it all likely to cost?

  2. how do you feel about bikini fairing?
  3. What about this bike JD?

    Seems to fit your criteria pretty well!


    Ducati Super Sports
  4. Yeah a bikini fairing is fine - if I bought a naked I'd probably fit it with at least a screen anyway.
  5. Which then leads to the question...
    Would you rather see a motorbike in a bikini?
    Or eswen in a bikini?
  6. Hey, there's a great idea, take a bike that's built for good ergonomics, and then see if you can turn it into a back and wrist buster...!

    Hey, your bike though. You'll have to check the specs on the model you end up going with, and then see if you can find a sportsbike whose parts will fit - then you'll need to find a wrecker...

    There's a good aftermarket trade in rearsets, not too sure about clip-ons for a naked though. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the bastardmobile you come up with.
  7. Yes the Ducati and the Thruxton are both very nice bikes. I'd be more than happy with either of them - if someone's willing to buy one for me. Thinking that modifying a 2nd hand Jap bike might be the far cheaper option though.
    Edit: Oh and the Yamaha SRX-6 is already definately on my list - just looking for alternatives that might be a little better suited to touring.
  8. Or see how eswen's faring on a motorbike in a bikini... :)
  9. cold dear boy... very ver cold...
  10. What abour the SV's etc? Get the naked version and then take the bars off and add the clip on's/pegs from the s version? are you after a cafe racer or a naked bike?
  11. Those bmw choices should be covered up with a blanket not a bikini :shock: there bloody ugly, why not get an old z900 fit a mtc race kit somethin around 1300cc put it in a rickman frame and see how long you can keep the smile of your face :grin:
  12. What about a buell =P~
  13. Or a Triumph speed tripple
  14. :WStupid: sounds like exactly what you're after...
  15. Yeah the SVs seem perfect, but I'd always be wishing I'd bought a Cagiva instead (and unfortunately 2nd hand Raptors are rare). 600cc Bandits and Hornets however are easier to find and cheap - the only reason I wouldn't buy one is because of the riding position. This is why I'm curious as to how difficult it'd be to change, and what it'd roughly cost.
    Edit: Here's a 400cc Bandit that's been modified kinda along the lines of what I'm thinking (only with a 600 and definately not with that colour scheme)
  16. I say go a yamaha XT660X, or a similarly motarded trail bike. Of course, you don't have the looks of an SRX or similar naked road bike, but same fun engine that wheelies, stoppies, and scrapes pegs a lot easier.

    Absolute bucket loads of fun - definitely what I'm going to get next

  17. That hill climber looks insane :LOL:

    Don't totally give up on the idea of a streetfightered sportsbike i've seen pictures of some pretty good conversions which would give you exactly what you're looking for..