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Modifying/replacing rear shock

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Truggs, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    My VF750S needs a new rear mono shock. There is a company in the US that modifys CBR600 shocks to fit:


    Does anyone know of someone local (anywhere in Oz!) who does similar work ?
    I would rather replace with a more modern higher performance shock than just replacing with a standard one from the wreckers that is quite likely in no better condition than the original.

    Any advice or other options much appreciated.


  2. I modified a "non serviceable" CBR900RR shock to fit my CBR1100xx by replacing the spring for my weight, overhauling it with new oil and re-charging it. You can actually do it all yourself (bar the nitrogen charge) with instructions from the web, however this will be bike specific so I can not help you much more, google it.
    There are several places here in sydney that do the overhaul, shock treatment at wallacia comes to mind. I found that it is much cheaper to buy the donor shock from the US and get it shipped than buy it from a wreckers here.
  3. Where you are located might help.

    Terry Hayes in Western Sydney has a good reputation for taking a standard shock and rebuilding it to suite you.
  4. BTW, Terry Hayes ibast mentions is shock treatment at wallacia.
  5. Have you considered buying a new Hagon or Ikon? Given the bike details I would have thought they would be able to come up, fairly easily, with something better than anything Honda was fitting in the early 80s. You do know what FVQ (the OEM fitment) is an acronym for don't you?
  6. Thanks guys

    I had a chat with Terry Hays and I am pretty sure he will be able to help me - he was really helpful and took the time to have a decent chat and explain what I could possibly do....a great contact so thanks for putting me on to him !