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Modifying a VTR 250 (2007) - Few queries

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jayzee, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Hey so I'm looking at changing the mirrors, tail light, indicators and possibly handlebars depending on whether or not there are aftermarket mirrors that are a direct fit.

    So the questions are:
    - Mirrors: are they twist offs? I can't see any bolts under them.
    - Tail & indicator lights: how easy is it to wire some aftermarket ones up? I've heard of possibly needing to change flasher relays and so on.
    - Handlebars: again no bolts underneath, how do I go about taking them off?

    If you have changed any of the things mentioned above please comment on the brands that you used (pictures would be nice),
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    Hey mate, I've done quite a few mods on my VTR (Tail light, indicators, DIY tail tidy, exhaust, clipons + bar end mirrors and soon to be headlight). The mirrors are twist off, should just be able to twist them and they'll come straight off. Indicators will need relays, pretty easy to wire up, I can show you if you need some help. The handlebars have little chrome caps over the top of the bolts, take those off with a flat head screw driver and you just need to unscrew the bolts with an allen key.

    Bike was originally red too, took the tank and rear fender off an old VTR that had been wrecked, and painted the front guard.

    Send me a PM if you need any help or pictures etc, more than happy to walk you through it.

    P.S excuse the mud, been having alot of rain recently and I live in rural NSW so there's red mud everywhere haha.

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  3. Thanks for the reply, do you remember the brands of the bars, tail and indicator lights? Also the type of relay I would need.
    And will do mate, I'll pm you when I've got all my bits together.
    Also your pictures aren't showing up (just have red x s over them?)
  4. Pictures should be working now, most of the stuff (except indicators, exhaust, and headlight) are generic brand stuff, clipons were off ebay and tail light I bought off thirdgear, just the red elliptical one with the license plate mount.
  5. Yeah I can see the pictures now, I was just looking at the tail lights at third gear actually - if the indicators aren't generic than what brand are they? Is this your tail light? Clear LED Rear Tail Light and Indicator

    Also same exhaust haha
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  7. Ah okay thanks for that, and about the relay - where would I go for that?
  8. They're generic ones of ebay, only need one for each side, so you can have one relay at the rear for left on front and back and vice versa. I know there are some in line indicators that you can buy which just clip in, as the ones I used I had to strip it back and splice it in. It's not that hard if you know what you're doing, but then again I work in IT repair so I do alot of it haha.

    These are the ones I have: 4 Pcs 50W 6Ω LED Indicator Flash Rate Relay Load Resistor Bulbs Ballast AU
    But I've used these in that past: Inline LED Resistors Resistor Blinker Indicator for Motorcycles Yamaha Honda

    I switched to the other ones as I need to have the bulk of the wiring in the rear of the bike when I switch over the headlight. For ease of use I'd recommend the inline ones, you'll just need to 4 of them rather than 2.
  9. Yeah I'm lost when it comes to electronics. So for the tail light I don't need anything extra?
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    Shouldn't do, plug in and play.

    You just have to find out which wire goes where, a bit of trial and error.

    As I said, any issues you have feel free to PM me, more than happy to help out.
  11. Alright, thanks for all that man - appreciate it