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Modified vehicle guidelines released

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Redbruce, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. The Victorian EPA has released technical guidelines to assist those who wish to customise their vehicle.

    Check out:


    Note in paticular sections: 1. Intake systems, 2. Fuel systems, 7. Engine management systems, 9 Exhaust manifolds, 10. Exhaust systems and 11. Niose limits.

    Maximum penalty for breaches of the Act is over $240K but I would assume that individuals would be small beer.
  2. Well I've just read that and for practicle purposes it's illegal to modify your vehicle. I can see with some of the references they are tailoring it to the Doof Doof car crowd (Ricers) and the "VL Bogans" but they have managed to also catch just about everything else too.

    "Trust us we are the Government"

    Bah Humbug!

    Sorry for you guys/girls in Vic
  3. Looks like there's going to be a few high performance car workshops shutting down I'd say.
    It's a bit overboard, but if it gets stupid ricers who turbo everything to stop producing dangerous cars, then well......

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. the police state is at it again, no suprises there. :roll: :?
  5. That is a freakin' load of shite.
  6. Hm, so Power Commanders are illegal!

    /lucky I didn't pony up for one, they're also f*cking expensive.
  7. Well i guess that '77 260z i got in my dads shed will never get that 1jz-gte transplant then, unless I leave the engine essentially bog stock. Might as well sell the damn thing now :cry:

    And we all know that the minority of modded cars are the big problem when it comes to pollution, not soccer mums in 4WDs, or trucks or just the fact that there are a zillion cars on the road full stop.

    I can see some regulation was warranted, but this is over the freakin top.

    As to the noise allowed for bikes, whats an example of a stock bike that already makes near the limit, just so i can get and idea.
  8. There has/was a lot of discussion about noise in NSW (EPA Nazis at the time) on the Ozvfr forum. Staintune responded with a spud (exhaust insert) that allowed VFR's with Staintunes to (just) pass the test.
    The previous owner of my viffer got pulled up (Swan hill) by a random EPA audit and passed the kerbside (static) test with an open Stainy. However he got pinged riding off as the additional load on the engine incresed the noise. The open Stainy subsequently failed the workshop test.

    So, a VFR with Staintune and spud insert is a guide, and there are plenty around.
  9. The way I understand how Power Commanders work and from how I'm interpriting what is written in the Fuel section of the document I don't think they are being picked up here. Since they are an inline system that alters the signals and not the EFI itself....but then again what the hell do I know.

    Seems strange because, depending on what your aim for the Tuning Session is you can actually reduce fuel consumption and ego emissions. But I doubt that aim is the reason why people put thier cash on the table......don't get any more attactive to the opposite sex with better fuel economy.
  10. (h) labelling of motorcycles for noise (r. 17)

    Looks like they are going to try the sticker tax on ya's :( since they lost the revenue stream from NSW its no supprise they are moving it to VIC.
    Its great fun, they will even defect OEM pipes where the paper sticker has fallen off. Be afraid.

    They have even made tempory noise reducers (eg. bung) illegal.
    Who voted for these assholes?

    MCCNSW recently ran this throught parliment and came out successfull (for now anyway, I expect EPA will come back with a vengance).
    VIC equivelant needs to get onto them and learn from their experience in fighting this BS.

    Some brand new 1000's arent even legal according to EPA, even though they are legal under ADR's.
  11. So we can still over bore an engine

    We can open up the bores of the carbs / throttle bodies of the existing parts

    We can change cams / open up valve ports

    Well we all keep out stock systems at home for when were done by the epa dont we boys

    We can still fit dry clutches

    HHHHMMMMMM seems to me if your smart about how you go about it modify rather than just buying the latest and greatest with brand names all over it
    it dont really mean jack does it
  12. If a motorcycle is only allowed to make 94 db with a stock can, I have an Aprlia Tuono here with a stock can labled at 94db
  13. Hmmm...There seems to be quite a bit of room for interpretation when it comes to some modifications. However, I'm glad that most of the bikes/cars I own are ancient, so much of this won't apply. I might even have to put the mufflers back on the Jag!