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Modified Exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grrila, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been looking at getting an aftermarket muffler for my z750 as I'm thinking its a bit quiet for my tastes. I was doing a bit of research and found that you can actually have your existing factory muffler modified.

    Has anybody gone down this route? I'm not really chasing extra performance just a bit more noise and a better sound. At the moment it just sounds like whizzing sewing machine. My little zeal had a better note ffs!

    Just wanting to know if anybody has regretted not just going with the aftermarket cans available. At the moment I'm leaning towards a LeoVince GP Pro but if my muffler modified can acheive the same sound or similar I'd be happy.

  2. no your muffler modified won't be the same.
    you should keep it as it is, in the shed.
    for when the police notice the leovince gp
  3. The common wisdom is to put the stock muffler away in the shed and put on an aftermarket slip-on. That way if you get done for too noisy or similar you can just pop the stock muffler back on and get the test/roadworthy/whatever done. If you modify the original, you'd probably have to buy a new stock one, or find one at the wreckers. I got a Delkevic from the US and put the stock one way 'just in case'.
  4. my exhaust has been -somewhat- modified. The rivets at the rear of both cans have been drilled out by a previous owner. The next owner after that then welded over the rivet holes.

    They also has a new layers of stainless skinned over the top of both cans, which I haven't been game enough to take off and see what is underneath.

    It sounds like a 2 stroke lawn mower, as opposed to the stock gpx 250 sewing machine tone. Much better in my opinion.

    Passed both Vicroads and RTA inspections. Just my 2c on the matter.
  5. get rid of the heavy stock pipe... not to mention it is super ugly (if we are talking about the same z750)

    i got an akra on mine, the first spin out on it, i could feel a little more in the right hand, and it improved handling.

    taking ~5-10kg off the bike helps alot
  6. 2008 model. Thats the thing, I don't mind the look of the stock pipe. But it sounds as though people think its worth the extra coin to just go the after market can.

    I had a ride of z750 with an Akro on it and it sounded great off the bike but droned pretty bad when riding it. I'm not going to be reving the bike out all the time cruising the streets where the majority of my riding would be so I want something thats going to have a sedate or at least tolerable note when puttering around at 3-4k rpm.
  7. +12 for get the new one, and keep the old in the shed.

    That's what I have done, for resale if needed or if someone gets their knickers in a knott about the cobras.
  8. the akra is quite sedate compared to some, thats one of the reasons i got it, its not obnoxiously loud, but loud enough for people to notice you, and to stop it sounding like a sewing machine.

    i originally thought it too loud, but got used to it within the week.

    btw, ive got a 2010 model... and the stock pipe is gawd awful looking