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Modified 2004 GS500F

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Miraz, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. I got frustrated with the handling and braking of the standard GS500, so I rebuilt this one to see how much of an improvement I could make. the result is much better than I expected - this is now everything a GS500 should have been.

    I'll post photos over the weekend, but this should give you a general idea.

    - USD forks from 2007 GSX-R 1000
    - 320mm Hayabusa brakes and K9 Tokico Calipers
    - White GSX-R front wheel with Metzeler Z-6 tyre
    - Radial Master Cylinder and custom braided brake lines
    - Veypor Digital Dash Computer System in billet Ali housing
    - ABM fat bars, grips and quick throttle tube mounted to custom billet top yoke
    - Touring Screen
    - HID headlight conversion
    - 2009 Yamaha R6 rear shock
    - White GSX-R rear wheel with 160 Z-6 tyre
    - Airbox replaced with K&N lunchbox air filter
    - Carbs rejected and dyno tuned
    - slip on exhaust with removable baffle
    - new sprockets and chains
    - front sprocket has one tooth less than stock for better low speed acceleration
    - Raarsk rear sets used relocate foot pegs up and back
    - SW-Motec rear rack with 46 liter Coocase box
    - Siebel air horn

    Looking for offers around $5k with 12 months rego

  2. How many K's? I got a mate going to his licence soon, I'll give him the link.
  3. The original bike had done a shade over 30,000 from memory, it has done around 3,000 since all the modifications were made.

    I really can't emphasis enough how much of an improvement has been made to the standard GS500 with these changes. The bike is much more stable and predictable, the brakes provide excellent feel and feedback. The engine changes haven't significantly increased power, but have improved responsiveness and mid range.
  4. That's a bloody good deal.
  5. that is a steal especially with all the work that's been done on it... I'm sure that will go very quickly!
  6. Have you know what you've done? You made a great bike even better.. Congratulations sounds great~!
  7. One happy test rider yesterday, if all goes to plan then it looks like it should be staying on the forum...
  8. I'm not surprised. From what I hear, with just some of the mods you've made they become quite a capable machine. And you've gone and added a bunch of other nice things.

    At $5000 its actually a damn good deal for whoever is buying it.
  9. Sold pending payment....
  10. Sold to toadcat....
  11. @miraz

    Sold? I swear I thought I saw this last night on ringroad 3 road in pymble.
  12. I'm not sure he has stopped riding it since he picked it up!
  13. Answers my question in the other thread!

    What's next? Or are you concentrating on 4 wheels and/or sails for a while?
  14. grats again!
  15. Congrats Miraz !
    As bike is sold this thread will now be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.