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Modifications on LAMS bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jfiddy, May 14, 2010.

  1. I've got a Ninja 250R (2009) and have been looking to fix it up with some aftermarket mods.

    Any recommendations?

  2. what do you want to 'fix' about it?
  3. Save your money. Then when you can, buy a bigger/better bike.
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  5. unsure about other states, but in Vic you cannot 'modify' a LAMS bike.
    ..unfortunately the legislation dose'nt go into detail as to whats considered a modification.
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  7. sorry, i just looked it up...and it is specific involving modifications.

    quote" It is your responsibility to make sure that you only ride an approved motorcycle as produced by the manufacturer without any modifications designed to increase it's power to weight ratio" unquote.


    so i would imagine that dose'nt include pimping your ride cosmetically and such.

    ...but if it's a gap bike till you buy another under a full licence, probably better to keep it in clean original condition, given that the legislation changes so frequently

    ..If you did decide to tune it for more balls...victards would'nt know the diference, police would'nt know the diference... but your insurance company will look hard for the diference should you ever have to make a claim...and technically you would be riding without a licence
  8. Strange the nsw one only states that it must be under and 660cc and 150kw/tonne and on the list , unlike the vic one it doesnt say you cant modify the power to weight ratio of a lams bike.
    So does that mean in nsw you can modify a lams bike's power to weight ratio as long as it is still under the 660cc 150kw/t?
    Unlike the vic link they dont say you can't, and they dont say it has to be as produced by the manufacturer.
  9. Technically under the Vic laws removing the fairings would constitute a "modification", as it would increase the power/weight ratio.
  10. ehh rules schmules. if it says LAM on the rego sticker its sweet right? yes. that is the case.
  11. yes and no...
    yes, that would satisfy your typical cop if you got pulled over.
    no, if you had a stack and had to make a claim... insurance assessor not so easilly fooled... and then you've got further umm 'complications' to deal with.
    unlicenced to ride the bike... if police attended the scene... you won't technically be allowed to ride a bike on the road again for a long time.

    i'm sure all that won't deter a lot of people though.. and good luck to them.
    guess you just have to weigh up the risks and figure for yourself, worth it or not.

    at this point in time i'm not sure i'd want to jeopordize getting a full licence asap, given the proposed imminent licencing legislation
  12. I was just looking at the QLD info on modifications. It seems to claim that modifications must be approved by an authorised person, which I'm reading to mean they want a RWC for any mod, whether it's LAMS or not.

    That seems odd to me, I just want to change the air filter on mine, surely that can't require a RWC?
  13. The lams formula is calculated using 90kg weight for rider with gear.
    So technicaly weighing less that could have you over the 150kw threshold.
    Next they'll make going on a diet illegal.....lol
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  15. A very good point monkeyman!

    A few mods will get past the average cop if they aren't too stupid ( the mods)

    But they won't escape an insurance company's scrutiny if/when you have a claim.
  16. Does my Yoshi and 65kg frame make my '09 GS 500F illegal? As for the insurance, I rang Swann up when I installed it and had it added to my policy (along with my Ventura rack).
  17. LOL? What the hell do you think it was
  18. except that isn't the case.=D>
  19. Yes it is. Where are you getting your info from?
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